Tuesday, November 18, 2014

32-ish weeks: an update.

baby's size: we're talking between a pineapple & a squash these days. a pineapple sounds huge, doesn't it?!

i'm feeling: alright. sleep is a mountain these days, one i'm usually unequipped to fully climb. i lie down, it takes several minutes to find a comfortable position (with the help of the snoogle, of course), get my mind settled, & then by that time i have to get up to go to the bathroom, & then it's back to the bed where the whole fun routine starts over again. i can't walk very fast & have to take rest stops every once in a while because the feets hurt. other than that, i can't complain too much. baby girl is moving a ton, i'm able to exercise a lot, & even the fakety-fake contractions have settled down in the past week or two.

food love: coconut water! fresh, cool fruit like grapes, pineapples, & apples. & hot chocolate! the other day i had three cups of the stuff, which, maybe i should ease back on it a little bit. but yummm.

food hate: i'm so sick of luna bars, haha. it's just, they're so easy to pack along that i always had one or two in my bag at any time during my first two trimesters. i ate so many of them that i'll be fine if i don't have another one (even the lemon zest one, which is my favorite flavor) for a good long time.

3 pros of november:
1. work ending. this is both a pro & a con. it's so bittersweet. i'll really miss the girls i've been watching the last year & a half-ish, but any chance to try & get some sleep will be good.
2. more frequent visits to the doctor. maybe other people wouldn't be a fan of this, but i love being able to check in & make sure everything with my body is okay, ask our doctor questions face-to-face,  & see how baby is doing (they do an ultrasound every time we visit!). it always feels like a nice recalibration.
3. meeting with our doula! janelle is going to be awesome. she's someone we knew & were friends with already, & i'm really excited to have her by our side when push comes to, well, PUSH.

3 cons of november: 
1. maternity coats - as of right now my normal coat still zips up over the belly, & i'm REALLY hoping it will be able to still do that for a while. i don't want to buy a whole new coat when i would really only have to wear it for the month of december & maybe a few days into january.
2. sleep sleep sleep...or, i should say, the lack thereof. have i mentioned this already? :)
3. i'm not hating my maternity clothes - i'm actually really loving them! these days it's actually quite easy to find cute maternity clothes, online or otherwise, & still feel somewhat pretty & not entirely like a semi. :)

currently living in: speaking of maternity clothes! i've been loving the thick winter leggings from american apparel. i wear them with oversized sweaters. americal apparel also has great tights that i wear with all the dresses i've bought that work so easily with a bowling ball belly. i'm able to sneak in a few non-maternity dresses here & there, as long as they're somewhat empire-waisted & the material has just the right amount of stretch. most days, when i'm at work or whatnot, i'm wearing some version of this sort of outfit.

looking forward to: i cannot wait for christmas around here (while, of course, giving thanksgiving its full recognition & love). ben will take some time off, i'll do some house/baby preparation, we'll hunker down with hot chocolate & netflix movies (i have a huge to-watch list on my phone), light a yummy candle (& it came to pass i hath been loving this salted grapefruit candle lately)...it'll be heavenly!

dreaming about: shayla dreams of sushi.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

a visit from naomi.

a few pretty photos from our walk in ft. tryon park, & the view of the hudson river, to get us started...

this last weekend ben's older sister naomi came to visit. i've been looking forward to her coming for a while - naomi is SUCH a delight. we love her so so much. we visited some great places, ate way too much yummy food, chatted away the hours of the day & loved every minute of it. here are a few photos of just a few of the fun things we did while she was here.

more photos from our walk in fort tryon park:

we really, really lucked out with the weather on saturday (i always feel responsible for the weather when people come to visit. if it rains i'm like, "on behalf of the rain, i am SO. SORRY." haha). look how beautiful it was outside!

mean muggin, because it's real easy looking tough with a slight waddle at seven & a half months pregnant...

our first stop of the morning (which, actually, check that - ben & naomi went out that morning [while i, true to form for better or for worse, grabbed juuuust an extra minute or two of sleep] to grab some bagels & visit the cathedral of st. john the divine, last seen on the blog HERE, & columbia campus, so that stuff was actually their first stop of the morning) was the cloisters. a branch of the metropolitan museum of art, the cloisters are quite a ways up at the top of the island & feature medieval art & architecture. it is a gorgeous museum & i love it up there. ben & i hadn't been in a while, so it was really good to go back (remember the photo shoot we did at the cloisters a million years ago?). the photos from ft. tryon park at the beginning of this post were taken as we walked from the subway stop over to the cloisters. 

*cue heavenly choirs & the like*

i really wish more lds churches had stained glass windows. my thoughts are always lifted to higher, more divine planes when i'm looking up at a tall, colorful stained glass window:

the natural lighting was to die for! 

i love, love this picture of naomi:

the coloring of these next few are so weird. sorry about that. ben & naomi were sitting in such a beautiful location i couldn't help but snap a few pictures. tonight as i was putting this post together i spent a few minutes tinkering with the coloring & exposure of the photos, but impatience won out & i figured i'd just give a disclaimer about the photos, which you are reading now, instead of spending one more minute working out buggin' lighting minutiae. 

the unicorn tapestries. so so good! so so problematic symbolism for women everywhere!

we loved this curving road we came across while leaving the museum. while we were down at the bottom waiting at the bus stop, we saw two different mail trucks turn up this drive & slowly make their way towards the winding top. maybe it's a fun drive? or the cloisters just receives a lot of mail?

later on that day (after grabbing hot chocolate at city bakery, of the best-hot-chocolate-in-the-entire-city fame & a walk through chelsea), we visited the highline. if i remember correctly, naomi had this on her list of places to see, so it was fun to walk along the converted railroad track.

such a verdant little oasis in the middle of the city!

ignore the backs of heads in this photo - instead appreciate the beautiful explosion of trees that surround the path on both sides!

& here's what i did while ben & naomi explored the high line - reclined on the wooden lounge chairs that line the highline path, used my belly as a table for my phone like a boss, & read this (ben & i are leading a discussion on it this week!)

we loved having you, naomi! you are a conversationalist, eternal optimist, & delightful older sister for the record books. come again :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

an attempt to dress the bump at 30ish weeks.

a cold, windy day last sunday called for wearing a sweater dress (loose-fitting, plz/thx), tights, & boots to church. add a darker red, *moody* lipstick & questionable hair & we're good to go. 

had it not been the sabbath but a trip to a museum or to grab hot chocolate or something instead, i would have added a hat like this & a long cardigan quicker than you can say "bob's your uncle."

the dress is from zara, tights are asos (maternity! bless that over the bump panel), necklace is thrifted, belt is from targ, the delightfully 70's boots are boemos (but let's be honest, i got them from tj maxx), bag is marc jacobs, lipstick is nars "vesuvio."

have a good night!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

halloween 2014: cathedral photo shoot.


after the procession of the ghouls ended, ben & i stuck around the cathedral a few more minutes (many others had the same idea as well) to soak in in the fun, exciting atmosphere. it was a chance to see the cathedral in a rare way - almost completely dark, smoke still lingering from the earlier theatricals, & spooky lighting casting intense shadows on the stone. 

as we walked down the side hallways, things kind of naturally evolved into a fun little photo shoot as we started documenting the cathedral on halloween night. i guess i was kind of playing a character: the ostracized scarlet letter-bearing woman wandering, alone, in the dark church...pondering her sin, perhaps? pondering the life of this child in her womb, an adulteress' child? of course, it's all very gothic, with a touch of wilkie collins thrown in just to be sure.

one of my favorites:

alone in the pews:

hiding near the pulpit...? i don't even know:

the audience catching quick glimpses of her as she walks past:

can't hide that belly no mo:

i'm wearing an asos maternity dress, similar HERE.

another one of my favorites:

i also really love this shot behind the candles:

anyway, what's the point of halloween if you can't toss in some non-alcoholic theatricality?! ponder on that one tonight.


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