Wednesday, December 17, 2014

36 weeks: an update.

baby's size: a head of romaine lettuce, anyone? (i could actually go for some caesar salad right now, since we're mentioning it.)

i'm feeling: welp i'm haaaaangin' in there. bulky belly, awkward & slow...but what else should be expected this late in the game? i feel her moving (thrashing, really), taking up a ton of space in there, & the fact that she's coming out soon feels more real than ever. after sleep being such a struggle for so long, i'm actually sleeping relatively okay these days - my body is so tired it just kind of gave up fighting the evening restlessness {for the most part}. i'm also quite nauseated much of the time - doctor says that's quite common in the third trimester, & it's because the stomach is all cramped & squished in there so acid reflux can happen a lot easier. overall, though, i really can't complain.

food love: hard boiled eggs! i could eat a great many a day. also, i can't seem to get enough apples. they always sound good.

food hate: sadly, avocados. i used to be able to eat an avocado plain, or slightly mashed with tortilla chips, but for some reason, it has not sounded appetizing at all throughout this entire pregnancy. i keep hoping it will change, because i love those guys so much, but perhaps it's not to be, especially at this point.

3 pros of december:
1. ben will have some time off around christmas! meaning lots of relaxing in pajamas, catching up on homeland & starting one or two other shows, & hot chocolate in bed (we have yet to spill, but perhaps it's only a matter of time...). all good things.
2. it's that much closer to the due date!
3. having a baby shower a few days ago with dear friends. we've been so fortunate to be gifted lots of baby gear & feel very, very loved by family & friends. it's such a help.

3 cons of december:
1. fighting through crowds on the streets & on the subway...i'm always paranoid a stranger's errant elbow is going to jab right into my belly one day without warning.
2. not quite being able to button up my warm puffer coats all the way. i have to get creative :)
3. stressing a little, everywhere we go, about where the nearest bathroom will be.

currently living in: pretty much the same as last month: leggings, long chunky cardigans, & for church on sundays, one of the three or four maternity dresses i own (i found that many dresses i already owned still fit up to a few weeks ago).

looking forward to: meeting this girl. i'm kind of to the point of impatience - i want to see her face!

dreaming about: her.

all of these slightly-boudoir photos by corinne monson.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

six things today.

i have a few more photos that corinne took of me that i'm excited to share (we went outside!), but i don't want to dump all these pictures of ME ME ME on you in rapid succession. perhaps i'll stagger revealing those over the next couple days/weeks. a few of my lovely, good friends also threw a beautiful baby shower for me a few days ago, which i'll talk about in a future post. in the meantime, a few pictures from around these parts:

1. a mid-church photo with some greats (+ a baby, also a great) a few weeks ago. i'm 98% sure this was taken right when we were supposed to be in a class of some sort. in a related, kind of silly note, i love seeing where babies' hands rest on the holder's body when they are being held...if that makes sense. it's such a simple, small touch, but still...a little baby hand resting on your shoulder/chest area, like in this picture? adorable.

2. a few nights ago we did some christmas caroling with friends (& though we sang for a solid two hours straight, at least, we could have gone on much longer through the night, because christmas carols are legion, for they are many. so so many more songs for christmas than for any other holiday. don't get me wrong - it's not a complaint), anyway, i was cracking up at this little note at the end of one of the songs. can you guess which song it was??

3. last night i wore these gold shoes to the messiah singalong ben & i went to at the lincoln center, & may i quickly say - & this is nerdy - singing along to the messiah is extremely difficult?! anyway, every time i wear these shoes i'm surprised anew at just how gold they are. they're so gold they nearly venture into the offensively brassy region, but i can't quit them!

they're so incredibly close to the color of C-3PO i usually just call them, with a slight wave of my hand in front of your face, "these aren't the shoes you're looking for." 

also, that's definitely a hole in my tights.

4. baby clothes will never not be the cutest of things.

5. this rosy-cheeked apple pillow for our kid to love (read: drool on):

6. some corners & nooks in our front room. also, my recent obsession with candles? the limit does not exist (that white thing with the pinecone on top in the right photo?...also a candle)


Monday, December 15, 2014

maternity photo shoot, part 2.

a few more shots from the library. all credit for these gorgeous shots ->->->->-> corinne monson

i can't decide which element of this photo below i like the best: the ornate yet geometrically pleasing ceiling, the orb-like chandelier, or that window.

"contemplating labor"

side lighting like there's no tomorrow!


if your testimony of corinne as an outstanding photographer hasn't been solidified yet, these should have done it. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

maternity photo shoot: part 1.

a few days ago my friend corinne & i went to the public library on 5th avenue for a {maternity} photo shoot. gotta capture this unruly bowling ball/basketball/baby bump from all angles before it turns into a tiny, tiny human that will be completely dependent on ben & me for food, lodging, clothing, sustenance, care, love...& more.

a few things: 1) corinne is insanely talented (you can check out all the gorgeous photos she takes HERE). when she gets behind the camera, magic happens. 2) the library there on fifth is breathtaking. it's filled with seemingly endless rows of archways, smooth marble walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, & staircases around every corner.  i love how these turned out.

i think this one might be my absolute favorite from the day:

my dress is from h&m, & the shoes are asos.

a few more photos to come, soon!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"the little prince" international trailer.


lately, around the internets.

i think new girl is awesome again this season, but am i the only one who secretly hopes that nick & jess will find their way back together again someday?

21 women on the dumbest thing they've spent their money on. embarrassingly, a few of these rang true for me - it's way too easy to spend money on cab fare. :O

remember american girl dolls (although they don't exactly need to be "remembered" - they're still around!)? anyway, i remember them distinctly - in that, i definitely remember NEVER GETTING ONE EVER. as you can tell, i'm totally over it :) anyway, would you wear any of these american girl outfits? i would wear that chunky white turtleneck/leggings combo in a heartbeat!

photos of famously non-smiling celebs smiling...kind of sweet.

the cutest little boy scout-type patches!

no, but this really is something i wonder about all the time in movies & film. these ladies manage to keep their eyebrows plucked? keep their faces from breaking out? how do they find time to brush their teeth?  shave their armpits?

the 25 most powerful authors in hollywood who prove, above all else, "that originality still matters." YES!

the new york times list of the 100 notable books of the year.

the top ten instagrammed places of 2014.

beautiful & true words (& a cool website layout) from a reluctant father ("it's odd. there's how you feel, & then there's how you think you should feel").

Monday, December 8, 2014

happy sunday night!

hi all! i hope you enjoyed the gift ideas i posted this last week. it was really fun to scroll through sites & do some exploring to find little things here & there i thought people would enjoy. PLUS it really helped to get me in the holiday spirit, thinking about christmas, gift giving, & all the excitement of christmas morning. here's an absolutely beautiful christmas song for your sunday night/monday morning:

and one more gift idea that i didn't know how to categorize (because it's for both him and her...which, i should say, as were many other gifts on both those lists), so i'll just place it here:

even for those who don't drink cocktails, these little discussion cards seem both fun & sophisticated enough to start the conversation at your next party. (& if you're interested, my answers for the above would be, respectively, grill-it-yourself korean barbecue with my mom's sour cream apple pie for dessert, paul mccartney, bill murray, or toni morrison {although i'd really prefer more of meaningful interaction with her, like a sit-down or something} [sorry this one is obviously a hard decision for me], & ten siblings ;)).

good night!


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