Monday, June 20, 2016

galleria magnifico, part 5.

too many cool places in new york city for one blog post!...hence the fact that this is "part 5." 

light installations are LYFE at the jane lombard gallery:

love this one:

like a light saber mounted on the wall:

cute little smiler:

library in a box at mitchell-innes and nash:

norah was loving it. ada was, too:

through the looking glass:

this was another cool exhibit at the gladstone gallery on the upper east side. felt like we were in a giant buzzing fish tank!

the concept seems so simple, but so brilliant: a bunch of fish balloons floating in a pristine white marble room.

(aka a little kid's heaven on earth)

these next few photos taken by corinne:

so cool!

norah could not stop watching joseph. he was too entertaining!

i was posing for a photo in front of this window for so long other museumgoers thought it was an exhibit! haha. (this photo taken at the met's new met breuer location)

those are masks hanging in the background! at alexander gray associates:

a mirror selfie i honestly can't remember from where:

SO COOL. taken at mary boone gallery:

spots & dots at dc moore gallery:

this one isn't a gallery--just a pretty pink building on the lower east side:

spots at...mitchell-innes & nash, i think?

cracking up at mike weiss gallery:

too many fun cracked mirrors at mike weiss:

"hiiiii-ya!" & etc. at mike weiss:

ceramic donuts (!!!!) at lyons weir gallery:

seeing red at the whitney museum:

look how ecstatically happy norah is <3 <3

basically everything was too much fun + too beautiful. that's all for now!


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