Thursday, May 21, 2015

~~lately, part 2~~

the day after ben returned home in glory (he flew in sunday night, & i'm pretty sure that i texted him sunday afternoon with these loving, wifely words: "GET. YOUR BUTT. HOME." haha.), we took sweet norah to get her four-month shots. which are the woooooorssssttt, as you can probably imagine. 

we took these photos mere moments before doc plunged those incredibly sharp needles into her sweet chunker thighs. poor babe had no idea what was commminnng:

this smile was gone 3.5 seconds after these photos were taken. 3.......2.......


speaking of norah crying, i can sum up a solid hour & a half - at least - of our 5 hour plus flight to washington with this face:

hoo boy. it got pretty dicey there for a little bit. THERE IS NOWHERE TO TAKE A CRYING BABY ON A PLANE. most people don't know that. spread the word. ;) luckily, she slept the last two & a half hours of the flight, which hopefully was long enough for all the passengers within hearing distance of her (which was EVERY PASSENGER ON THE PLANE) to forget the earlier, ah, rougher, shall we say,  hours of the flight. 

but behold, we finally made it to seattle. look how beautiful it is!

i have this app that makes my phone chirp & flash to get the baby to look directly at the camera. upon such visual & aural assault from the app, norah makes this face:

baha. needless to say, i didn't use that app when i took these next photos. these are alllllll natural:

& i tried to get a side-by-side comparison going so we could see if norah looks anything like i did as a baby (she's all ben these days), using this old photo of my brother & i, but...........i'm not quite sure it worked :) i would have scrapped this project altogether, but norah made some real cute faces:

we pattern-match a solid 85% of the time:

mornings with pop:

dinners with the fam (in which handholding during prayer is suddenly instituted?):

& the days when we aren't matching patterns, we're matching colors:

i love this little ballcap for norah. it's a tad too big which kind of makes it EVEN BETTER, in my humb. opinion:

the line between happy & annoyed with norah is very, very fine. here's a little taste of it. her mouth is a smile but her eyes are OVER. IT.

so much space in any place that isn't our nyc apartment. take exhibit a, an exhibit i like to call "little girl on a big--really big--couch":

the other day i took norah out to lie in the grass for a little bit. it was her first interaction with the stuff--any other time we've done picnics or whatever, she's always had a blanket between her & it. i thought she might not like it (too itchy, or whatnot), but she loved the whole thing. she LOVED the grass. we ended up sitting out in our backyard for a solid half an hour, which is, like, 17 months in baby years, last time i checked.

these next ones are all kind of the same photo, but i'm pretty obsessed with her look of awe & wonder in each one. each of her looks in them are so, so sweet. we were sitting under a tree & she could not tear her eyes away from the leaves that were rustling in the wind:


Monday, May 18, 2015

"the wolfpack."

really, really can't wait to see this documentary. it looks pretty astounding:

~~~lately, part 1~~~

heeyyyy! so last week ben went to tennessee (a little outside knoxville) to run an experiment & generally be science-y, leaving me as president of the shayla-&-norah fun club (but let's be honest, norah is kind of the one who is in charge here these days...i'm her co-president, at best :)). 

papa ben was gone for almost a week, & although i wasn't worried about the logistics of taking care of norah by myself, i was worried about how exhausted i'd be by the end of the week. it was hard not having any sort of backup at all. in between taking full responsibility for night wake-ups, morning playtime, or replacing the paci during her naps, i tried to really enjoy all my special one-on-one time with her & not feel...otherwise.* plus my respect for single parents shot even more through the roof. 

*a conundrum: one wants to be real & honest about the more difficult parts of motherhood (to seek solidarity, support from other mothers, & such) yet one wants to be sensitive to those for whom children, conception, childbirth, & etc are sensitive or difficult topics. i.e. not totally throwing it in their faces & appearing like an ungrateful brat by appearing to complain about this thing that can be tricky, painful, &/or elusive for many women...are these sentences even english? :) 

& it came to pass that on the first day of the shayla-&-norah fun club, we met up with a few friends (including baby-sized friends!) for lunch. i love that photo on the right:

norah also flashed this sweet smile:

& it came to pass that on the second day of the shayla-&-norah fun club, norah became mama's most perfect (if not heaviest) shopping companion ("heaviest" only by nature of the fact that i've never carried anyone else while shopping at the same time) :

in a perfect display of sartorial prowess, norah donned this wonderful "hi" hat for our shopping outing:

& it came to pass on the night of the second day of the shayla-&-norah fun club, i witnessed this excellent series of faces:

on the third day of the shayla-&-norah fun club, we met up with friends at the park (sunshine, too!)

on the fourth day, we lay side-by-side:

on the fifth day of ben's absence, we continued in our tradition of mama staring intensely at her baby out of the deepest, truest love she's ever felt, & also out of having no one else around to stare at:

& it came to pass that on the sixth & final day of the shayla-&-norah fun club, i did the hardest thing, the single act that strikes fear in mothers & children everywhere: i took norah to church.

once again, norah's fashion game was on point, appropriate for the weather (spring), the event (church), & the holiday (oh yeah...mother's day happened somewhere in those six days :) )

but then, FINALLY, benny the backup returned home in glory! as you can see in that photo on the right, norah was preeetttttyyyy nervous about the close proximity of the blue-eyed, bearded men who suddenly re-entered her life:

to be continued! complete with tears (4 month shots), laughs (a #tbt photo of me as a baby!), spit-up (always), & the shrieks of a baby enclosed in the VERY SMALL SPACE (of an airplane!)


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