Thursday, December 23, 2010

while ben was in town:

we took a trip to the seattle temple. it was a great morning,
a beautiful temple, and it was fun being in the place
where we'll be getting married!...
yes, married!

...what an exciting thought.

{gotta love the pectoral grab}

and when i was uploading these nice temple pictures
i stumbled upon this hilariousness taken that morning:

gotta love it!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

dear ben,

thank you 
for being so great
with my family.
you're so easy to get along with
and talk to,
you're so helpful 
around the house,
you look good
the whole time,
and everyone loves you.
but me most of all.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

krew's crew.

the other night
alta and thomas
(cousin and husband)
came over to visit
while they're in town,
and brought their
little cutie--
and one of my favorite people--
a one
krew t bills!
here are some fun pictures
of the night:

i love it when 
babies' pacifiers
take up 

he looooves it when we kiss him...

literally hanging with his homies
(or his dad, in this case).

not happy:
.and then happy again later!


all in all, 
krew is just a sweetie,
and we love him.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

hear them ring!

ben woke me up from my nap to say that someone (thanks jacquie!) was covering my shift at work and that I needed to dress warm because we were going "somewhere far away and very cold." i had NO idea where we were going but i got in the car and away we went.

a while later (after i took a nap! ben told me to. he wanted me to wake up to a surprise :) i woke up to find ourselves in park city (i've never been there before!), bursting with christmas lights, deep snow, falling snow, slippery snow, stores that look great but where you never actually BUY anything, and just a great old-fashioned feel to it all:

so elegante! 

after some walking-around-and-enjoying-ourselves, we stopped off at chimayo for dinner.

after dinner, we drove around park city, up into the mountains, past the ski resort, greeted by heaps and  heaps of christmas lights. which i love.

we stopped to walk around an oldish-type building, off the road. it was dark and silent and the only lights came from (of course) the christmas lights on the old building.

and then! i turn around & see ben on one knee! what else could i say but yes, when he asked the question?

(sorry for the weird close-up hand)

in love. so happy. the end.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

warm like cider.

last night we made the foggy drive up to 
salt lake city for the
first presidency christmas devotional.
the conference center was decorated beautifully,
with draping strings of deep green garland, and
white lights (the most beautiful kind of 
christmas lights). it is exhilarating to hear
the mormon tabernacle choir
accompanied by an orchestra,
and of course the first presidency
was delightful, every last one of them,
as they spoke of the importance
of remembering the savior during these holidays.
it all just felt!

audrey, dan, matt, jared, hannah, jeff, cierra, myself, rachel, sarah.
(we missed ben! he had his german choir concert).

and if that wasn't christmas-y enough,
after the devotional we
took a dip in the heavy fog
to walk around temple square.
the lights!
the nativity scenes!
the temple!
upturned collars and scarves!
the bustle!
the gospel!
what joys. 
joys joys joys.

i don't think even these pictures
do justice
to how foggy it was that night!
it was thick as frosting.

speaking of frosting,
doesn't this picture 
kind of make you think of it?:


look at this great pink streak
through the sky:

an amazing night. 
makes you feel all warm inside,
and happy.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

your llama likes to go to college!

carollama 2010 made it's way here this year as reliable as an alpaca climbing the mountains of peru, aaaaaand thanks with a capital T-H-X to our friend (descended from the house of israel) connecticut dan, for hosting a pre-carollama latke fest. feast. feast-fest. anyways:

attendance was high as people flocked to find a jewish paradise in conservative, predominantly LDS provo, utah.

did you know the latke-making process is actually kind of long and intense?? 

sour cream + applesauce = thank you house of israel!

as you can see, there were lotsa latkes.

and what is a party without DANCING? i ask you again, what is a party without HAVA NAGILA?

i ask you a third time, what is a party without DANCING to HAVA NAGILA while USING A CHAIR?

buuuuut this latke loving was only half the fun.

carollama was a hit!

we (well not me, i was kind of scared of them) led the llamas door-to-door, sang christmas songs, and then asked the surprised-to-see two-llamas-on-their-front-lawn and-probably-hoping-said-llamas-wouldn't poop-on-their-hydrangeas people for any donations to the food bank!

 jim craig from "man from snowy river"?
is that you??

one of the few times i was able to pull the llama whisperer away for a picture! ben LOVED those llamas! 

our two llamas, dalai llama and llama queen, were so skittish all night long! but they would make really cute little noises, it almost sounded like they were clearing their throats. i just asked ben, "how would you describe the noise the llamas made tonight?" and he said: "groans of malcontent at being forced to walk with 20 BYU students who didn't know how to sing."

moral of the story: llamas don't smell very good, but they're pretty cute, and their ears are big, move all over the place, and overall are just great. 2nd moral of the story: if you want to have a really successful service project, bring along a few llamas and give them great names like barack o-llama, hoochie llama, or just have really nice rhymes like llama trauma, llama comma, llama drama, etc. 

you learn to love the big animal! and NO, i'm NOT talking about the llama. :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

speaking of which,

i better say it now
and get it over with.

i love jumping photos.

let this be the start of
your long and
with my jumping photos.


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