Saturday, December 11, 2010

hear them ring!

ben woke me up from my nap to say that someone (thanks jacquie!) was covering my shift at work and that I needed to dress warm because we were going "somewhere far away and very cold." i had NO idea where we were going but i got in the car and away we went.

a while later (after i took a nap! ben told me to. he wanted me to wake up to a surprise :) i woke up to find ourselves in park city (i've never been there before!), bursting with christmas lights, deep snow, falling snow, slippery snow, stores that look great but where you never actually BUY anything, and just a great old-fashioned feel to it all:

so elegante! 

after some walking-around-and-enjoying-ourselves, we stopped off at chimayo for dinner.

after dinner, we drove around park city, up into the mountains, past the ski resort, greeted by heaps and  heaps of christmas lights. which i love.

we stopped to walk around an oldish-type building, off the road. it was dark and silent and the only lights came from (of course) the christmas lights on the old building.

and then! i turn around & see ben on one knee! what else could i say but yes, when he asked the question?

(sorry for the weird close-up hand)

in love. so happy. the end.


  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful night in every way. Welcome to the family, Shayla! We're lucky to have you.

  2. Yay!!
    I'm so happy to finally have everything official! :-)
    Benjamin is a lucky boy, and I'm so happy to be getting a new sister in law.
    Beautiful ring, beautiful girl, beautiful news.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS & WAHOO! With Love from the Lues

  4. Congratulations Shayla. I am so excited for you guys.

  5. i can witness this is true! sometimes when i got sick of watching adam and eve i would look over and see you gazing at your ring (and thinking of ben i'm sure) with love. congratulations wei!!!

  6. Not to be creepy, but sometimes I just read this post because it makes me happy and your ring is pretty. :) Hope you guys are doing well in New York!

  7. haha melinda that's so great to know! your comment made ME happy. :) new york is so great! hope you're doing well too!



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