Tuesday, December 7, 2010

warm like cider.

last night we made the foggy drive up to 
salt lake city for the
first presidency christmas devotional.
the conference center was decorated beautifully,
with draping strings of deep green garland, and
white lights (the most beautiful kind of 
christmas lights). it is exhilarating to hear
the mormon tabernacle choir
accompanied by an orchestra,
and of course the first presidency
was delightful, every last one of them,
as they spoke of the importance
of remembering the savior during these holidays.
it all just felt so...so...christmas-y!

audrey, dan, matt, jared, hannah, jeff, cierra, myself, rachel, sarah.
(we missed ben! he had his german choir concert).

and if that wasn't christmas-y enough,
after the devotional we
took a dip in the heavy fog
to walk around temple square.
the lights!
the nativity scenes!
the temple!
upturned collars and scarves!
the bustle!
the gospel!
what joys. 
joys joys joys.

i don't think even these pictures
do justice
to how foggy it was that night!
it was thick as frosting.

speaking of frosting,
doesn't this picture 
kind of make you think of it?:


look at this great pink streak
through the sky:

an amazing night. 
makes you feel all warm inside,
and happy.


  1. yep, much better than little lederhosen clad German choir boys :)

  2. laaayyyyyderrrrrrrrhhhhuhhhhzen!



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