Saturday, January 1, 2011

while ben was in town pt. ii:

we took a trip into seattle! it was an amazing surprise
from the parental units. for our first stop,
we headed up to the top of the space needle
for lunch at sky city--that is, the restaurant 
that spins slowly for you to have a full view
of beautiful seattle while you eat!

delicious grilled king salmon. 

one of the views from our table.


after lunch we went up to the observation deck at
the very very top of the space needle.
it was just our luck that out of that whole week,
the day we went was the one day 
it wasn't rainy and the skies were clear
enough to see for miles!

we loved being there at the observation
deck as a family! 

post observation deck, we stopped over at
pike place market, which was bursting full
of smells, voices, music, signs, food, flying fish,
and bright, beautiful signs.

i really liked being
there at pike place market.
it was such a good day.

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