Saturday, January 29, 2011


so, my wonderful job teaching at the mtc
sees its comings and goings of missionaries,
and for me, in my life, coming up
is going to see some goings at the mtc.
yes, my sweet little district is heading
out slowly over the next few days & weeks.

...gotta love the awkward missionary can't touch guy/girl photos...!

these are our great missionaries, going to 
places like paris, toulouse, singapore,
and taizhong, all mandarin chinese 
speaking! they will be missed.
it's a bit bittersweet. you're sad
to see the little tunas go, you're
happy to see them enter the field.

later on, after work, fiance and i
went over to the library on byu campus.
we managed to snap just a couple of
quick pictures before our departure:

 engrossed in a

& engrossed in

happy saturday

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