Sunday, January 23, 2011

an abnormally huge blog post.

i'm so sorry i haven't posted for a while!
these past few weeks...well, they've been
quite intense. what with the concussion...
(when the doctor said no school, no work,
no church, no reading, for a week!
all because i stood up too fast, fainted, and
hit my head on the wood floor...)
and then there was the start of classes...
and work, of course, gets stuck in the
cracks, and let's none of us forget
planning a wedding.

we'll definitely be seeing how this semester goes.


i do have some nice pictures to share of the things that have
happening while i was away. so, while trying to get through
a saussure essay i need to read for a literary criticism class,
i'll nourish you with these little delights:

ben and i caught up with mozart and a few other
composer friends at the utah symphony in salt lake:

a certain someone
couldn't open his spread at the local in n' out.
and yes, there is a picture of it
and this one made the list. it was that epic.

and then there was a certain ward activity where,
because of aforementioned concussion,
a certain someone had to sit on sidelines.
oh well. pictures were taken.

this one requires explanation: a family in one of the
areas i served in on my mission gave me a
white jade bracelet that many taiwanese
women wear. it signified/fies good luck
and protection from evil spirits.
being jade, it was not one of those nice bracelets
you can snap on and off. no. we had to lotion 
down my hand and (luckily this whole time i had 
no idea what i was getting into) and 2 people 
had to help slide the bracelet over my fingers, crushing 
and folding up my knuckles, and finally getting it 
on my wrist. ...needless to say, i haven't taken
it off since. it became the lasting symbol of my 
mission. and if you've ever seen me since my mission, 
you'll either completely remember the bracelet,
or not remember it at all because it was just such
a ubiquitous part of me. but for a while
now i've been feeling ready to slip it off
and maybe taking it to a jeweler's to get made into
a bracelet that can snap on and off.
but in order to 'take it off,' as it were, we had to...

take it off right when i woke up (that's when my skin
and stuff are at their smallest, tightest, right after sleep...
that's what the jeweler said...) but not before
dipping my hand in a freezing bowl of ice water
and then just DOUSING the sucker
(and when i say sucker, i mean half my arm)
in vaso. (shorthand for vaseline)...can i just
say again how cold that white bowl of
water was??.......???

success! or, as the taiwanese say...chenggong!

let's hear it for the right to bare arms.

last night, we headed to jason's deli and i got me
hands on one of my favorite things:

husband's credit card.

 after dinner we headed over to BYU campus
and met up with some other whipples
for an amazing, visually astounding,
pitch-perfect musical "Peter Pan."
if you ever have an opportunity to see
this most wonderful of stage productions
floating in front of you, grab it.

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