Tuesday, January 25, 2011

todaze news.

goodness what a b-LIZZARD this morning. ben was driving
me up to work and we were slipping around. often.
tuesdays are quite busy for me, what with
class in the morning, immediately followed by work,
then about a 2-hour break, then another shift
at work, followed immediately by class.
we're settling in tonight to watch this. i just
finished reading it for my postmodern
american literature class (even though the author
is sri lankan. don't think about it.) and it should be good.


i wanted to include a picture,
because who doesn't love them?,
so i was searching
through some old things and found this gem,
taken the very very
very last day of my mission.

we were taking advantage of the few hours we had 
before our dinner/devotional with our 
mission president and his wife and decided to
hit the loud, crowded streets of taiwan littered with
tiny little shops such as this one. i ended up
buying those boots. i just think my face is kind of
funny in this picture. please notice how
tiiiiired i look.

i really like looking at mission pictures.
it reminds me of when i didn't care about my hair,
makeup, fashion, movies, music, facebook,
boys, or any, ANYof those silly things.
mission pictures remind me of when
i had a beautiful purpose.

1 comment:

  1. Shayla, that's a great end-of-mission picture. Although I had to laugh when you linked it to not caring about make-up, hair, fashion, etc.--because you look beautiful in that picture! Looking at my mission pictures are sometimes painful because the ROmanian diet of pure oil and pork did not do good things to my skin or figure...



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