Friday, February 25, 2011

i'm bringing waxy back.

so i went to southern california with ben's 
this last weekend to visit his family (well,
actually just a small percentage of his family!).
we had so much fun! i had never
been to the los angeles area before, and i loved
it all: visiting with ben's parents and sister,
so many good things to see, and just being
able to spy around a little where ben grew up.


on saturday we trafficked (literally. la traffic!)
out to hollywood. so many things to see!
i just love to watch and look, you know?
so of course colorful hollywood provided lots
to look and look and look at.


speaking of looking, ben, eva, and i
took a little trip into THIS PLACE:

have you ever been here??? a hilarious
wax museum!! life-size replicas'll see:

me and the

 brad and angie
didn't look
that real.

will looked real.

 ^love this little sassafrass^

how funny are these?! 
more pictures:

james was a
bit short.
it was okay
with me. 

charlie was a bit tall.

audrey. great.


i wish i could
put up all
of these!
you can see
the full experience
on me facebook.


ben is taller! 

they played sound clips and music clips behind a lot
of these guys. it was funny to see who was really 
short in real life, who was actually kind of tall,
etc. it was all just in good fun. and it was funny.
of course.

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