Thursday, February 3, 2011

karaoke? ok!

so this last monday night was ward family
home evening, where we had a dessert bar
aaaaaaand...karaoke! which i personally 
was so excited about, because,
believe it or not, karaoke is taiwan's middle 
name! that's right, taiwanese people
LOVE them some karaoke.
it's so funny, you'll find the oldest grandpa,
the sternest mother, or the shyest
taiwanese person ever singing karaoke.
one time i asked our investigator why
people there love karaoke so much.
she answered "this island
is so small, what else do we have to do?"

i snapped some great pictures of
ward friends singing their
precious little hearts out.

hannah and jeff started out the night strong
with a great rendition of "ain't
no mountain high enough."

then gary and i tried out a little "summer lovin'"
from that most successful movie musical
of all time, grease

and dan getting INto "you've lost that lovin' feelin'" 

there was  n'sync's "bye bye bye"

later on, hannah and matt duetted to
another grease hit, "you're the one that i want"

if you're ever in need of something to
do with friends on a friday night and the
word "karaoke" slips across your mind,
don't give it a second thought! DO it!

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