Tuesday, March 1, 2011


ben & i drove up to south jordan on sunday.
sister laura ramsey was a sister 
i trained on my mission,
just a few months before
i went home, and
she was giving her
homecoming talk.

it was really good to see her,
to hear her stories of
some taiwan beloveds,
and of course speak in some

sister king, sister ramsey, sister roper, me.

now every single one of
my companions are home
from their missions.
there's no one else left
out there that served
with the old wei jiemei
(sister whipple).

i thought about when
this day would come,
and it's here now, and
i just feel really, really...

ugh. enough about that.
the good things that happened were:
the drive up to south j was
really sunny and beautiful,
anything's fun when it's with ben,
and it was wild to be in a family
ward for sacrament meeting.
(so noisy! babies be cryin everywhere).

i'm not even going to TRY with the
first names. i mean, yeah,
i KNOW all their first names,
but missions are funny that way.

i think about my mission every day,
and most days would trade spots with any of
the missionaries i teach at the mtc
just so i could go back to taiwan for an hour.
an hour, and i'd be fine. i don't need much.


but hey! in a completely unrelated topic, how about
this great movie winning best picture?:

just as long as it wasn't the social network. i mean,
i thought the movie was good, but not
best-picture-beating-out-king's-speech good.

and for mr.darcyimeancolinfirth
winning best actor??
he deserved it.
it's such, SUCH a good movie.
please go see it, if you haven't yet.

other oscar shout-outs go to that great
christian bale winning best supporting actor
(he should have won something forever ago!)
and natalie portman winning best actress,
another one that should have happened years ago.

happy monday night! 

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