Monday, March 28, 2011


last thursday i headed
down to velour, which is a great
little venue in provo,
to watch none other than
fiance perform
in his new little band

they were SO GOOD!
it was my first time hearing them,
and i was already expecting
them to sound great, but
i was even more
pleasantly surprised
to find out how much i
enjoyed listening to them,
and NOT just because
i was engaged to 
the cute cello player in the
front row.

...oh! speaking of whiiiiiicchhh,
homeboy fiance might have
a bit of a following going on!
SO, after the first song,
the three bottleship guys
(nathan on pianah, donnie
on guiter and vocals,
benny on cello)
were still kinda fiddling
around with their sound,
their monitors, etc. and the
sound guy was like, "who
do we need to hear more of?"
and a girl in the front row 
suddenly said, "let's hear
more of the cute cello player!"

it was pretty eye-roll worthy,
and of course SOMEone thought it was hilarious...!

here are some pictures of the band
& of the velour decor, which
i've always loved for its quirky,
vintage kitsch that sets a great
atmosphere (and sorry some of the
pictures are so dark! flash photography
would have been kind of distracting):

 oh ho HO the 'cute cello player' himself:

my favorite song of theirs was probably 
"george bailey lassos the moon,"
which made many references to
this movie. but ALL of their
songs had this great slow, beautiful
quality to them. + they all wore
great outfits full of classic
menswear pieces such as
bow ties, cord jackets,
oxfords, etc, a look which
will ALWAYS get a thumbs-up
from yours truly.

needless to say, it was so fun
afterwards to just give ben
a big hug for sounding so great, 
and then of course take advantage
of the brick wall behind us for
a quick little photo shoot:

yay ben and bottleship!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

i forgot one!

there is a really great byronic hero that i completely forgot to mention! and it's all thanks to fiance, who was watching the movie with me this afternoon and pointed it out. it is none other than this guy:

passionate tuna! it's none other than john smith, played by colin ferrell, in the movie the new world.

definitely in my top 5 favorite movies. it's quiet, and beautiful, and i love it.

and now i love it even more because it has a byronic hero! GOOD CALL BEN!...yep. a good day.

Friday, March 25, 2011

things i am liking.

i wanted to a minute to talk about a few of my favorite things that are happening right now:

1. sour patch kids.

...could i maybe stick sour patch kids onto my wedding cake? yes? no. maybe not.

2. byronic heroes!

phew! the passion!

a few weeks ago i casually mentioned byronic heroes to ben and inquired as to his feelings about them. when the response came back positive, i committed him right then and there to start thinking of ways he could become, at times, more like a byronic hero. when the fiance committed i made sure to promise him some specific and direct blessings. the end.

consider this cold-y below. is he a byronic hero? yay or nay?


3. pen names!

4. afro mysticism. not as familiar with it? look no further than this homegirl right here:

toni morrison. i want to be her! (read some more about her here) her novels include song of solomon

or paradise,

or beloved.

& they've all got awesome themes of surrealism! legend! mystery! & more! running through them as thick as the water that seeped through my backpack today while it was snowing and got several of my things a bit wet...

...well, this concludes my blog posting about things i like. thank you for joining us!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

POSSIBLY my new favorite accessory.

so i usually don't
do fashion or style-esque
blog posts, but i can't help
but mention how
i've recently been
kinda obsessin' about this new
little accessory i bought.
the satisfyingly stiff
brown leather
that's so sleek, yet
so vintage at the same time,
the metal button 
that makes such a
nice click when you
close it that you
really know its closed,
the snug fit around your waist...
ah! love it all:

what is it?
a purse?
a belt?
a fanny pack? 
you might never know!

but just LOOK 
at all the wonderful
things it can hold!!!!

you can put in,
your cell phone:

or liiiiiiike
2 oreos:

TWO, i tell you!

you could put in
maybe your ipod:

or even a little
bitty bottle
of cumin!:

the options are endless!
i might start using it to
store stuff like
cooking spices every day!


have a good tuesday night!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

in the middle of hw...

i decided to take a
5 minute break to
wander around the
i stumbled upon the blog
of a girl named sabrina,
who is taiwanese and
served with me in 
the same mission
and anyways
i was just scrolling
through her blog,
smiling to myself
about taiwan and how
much i loved my mission.
i stumbled upon
this picture:

 and suddenly my
heart just squeezed 
with huge love for
these people!
look at how cute
and wonderful
they are!
just look
at the face of each 
person. look at the
great peace signs
taiwanese people
make in EVERY picture!
i love it!
i only know one
person in this picture, 
but it is 
to love the taiwanese people!

looking at this picture
makes me miss taiwan
so much my heart hurts
and aches.

 what an amazing experience
my mission was.

and i love that 
the seeing of this
picture and my subsequent
blogging love-fest
for taiwan was so
unexpected...that little
heart squeeze came
as such a surprise!

it's times like these
when i remember
how much a part
of God's plan it all was
for me to serve there.

...and i guess
that's all i
wanted to say. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

but whenever monday comes

ah mondays!
another night of
family home evening. 

tonight we made 
rice krispy statues, 
which is a hilarious

we had rice krispy hearts,
rice krispy music notes,
rice krispy boats,
rice krispy...uhhh...
other things that i
can't remember,
rice krispy temples,
one of which (well, the
only one)
was made by
your 4th, 5th,
maybe even 7th
favorite blogger:

aaaaaand you can't even
really tell that it's a
temple in this picture.

which maybe is a
good thing, for,
according to a general
fhe-family consensus,
my temple looked 
not so much like this

 (which was the desired temple)

but a little more like this.
(maybe it's just the closet asian in me manifesting itself again).

ah well.
it's a good thing
i'm not an architect?
at least for our beloved
however, if you are
buddhist, and looking
to design a new temple,
give me a call!



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