Friday, March 25, 2011

things i am liking.

i wanted to a minute to talk about a few of my favorite things that are happening right now:

1. sour patch kids.

...could i maybe stick sour patch kids onto my wedding cake? yes? no. maybe not.

2. byronic heroes!

phew! the passion!

a few weeks ago i casually mentioned byronic heroes to ben and inquired as to his feelings about them. when the response came back positive, i committed him right then and there to start thinking of ways he could become, at times, more like a byronic hero. when the fiance committed i made sure to promise him some specific and direct blessings. the end.

consider this cold-y below. is he a byronic hero? yay or nay?


3. pen names!

4. afro mysticism. not as familiar with it? look no further than this homegirl right here:

toni morrison. i want to be her! (read some more about her here) her novels include song of solomon

or paradise,

or beloved.

& they've all got awesome themes of surrealism! legend! mystery! & more! running through them as thick as the water that seeped through my backpack today while it was snowing and got several of my things a bit wet...

...well, this concludes my blog posting about things i like. thank you for joining us!

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