Wednesday, March 2, 2011


here is me,
having a love/hate relationship
with the internet.
why do you let me accomplish
so much in so short and easy a time?...
why are you so distracting??
 i ask you!
(said in a scarlet
pimpernel voice).
in other news,
i am 
excited that fiance & i
have tickets to go see

in other other news, 
i was writing a bit today
for my persuasive writing
class and suddenly found myself
wanting to cite a poem that i
haven't read in a few years,
at least since before 
my mission--which is coming up
on being almost 
two and a half years now--
{which i can't believe,}
and i was so happy to have
it brought back to my memory.
here it is:

Adam's Task
"And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field. . . "
- Gen. 2:20

Thou, paw-paw-paw; thou, glurd; thou, spotted
Glurd; thou, whitestap, lurching through
The high-grown brush; thou, pliant-footed,
Implex; thou, awagabu.

Every burrower, each flier
Came for the name he had to give:
Gay, first work, ever to be prior,
Not yet sunk to primitive.

Thou, verdle; thou, McFleery's pomma;
Thou; thou; thou -- three types of grawl;
Thou, flisket, thou, kabasch; thou, comma-
Eared mashawok; thou, all; thou, all.

Were, in a fire of becoming,
Laboring to be burned away,
Then work, half-measuring, half-humming,
Would be as serious as play.

Thou, pambler; thou, rivarn; thou, greater
Wherret, and thou, lesser one;
Thou, sproal; thou, zant; thou, lily-eater.
Naming's over. Day is done.

John Hollander 1971
love it. love it all.
 the signified! the signifiers!
 this has been the theme of my LIFE
ever since the beginning of the semester...
no. even before that. last semester too.
i've studied about them, read about them,
talked about them, and written about them
for probably almost every single class
i've taken recently.

i'm not even going to go all into
signifieds/fiers now. after all is said
and done, after they've been written about/
discussed/read about/studied by
me, i like the way
joanna newsom put it best,
that harpist harpy (i know harpies are
usually bad, but i'm just
playing with know, the whole
signified/fiers thing happening again.)
who created
"this side of the blue":

 "And the signifieds butt heads with the signifiers,
and we all fall down slack-jawed to marvel at words!
While across the sky sheet the impossible birds,
in a steady, illiterate movement homewards."

falling down slack-jawed to marvel at words...

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