Monday, March 28, 2011


last thursday i headed
down to velour, which is a great
little venue in provo,
to watch none other than
fiance perform
in his new little band

they were SO GOOD!
it was my first time hearing them,
and i was already expecting
them to sound great, but
i was even more
pleasantly surprised
to find out how much i
enjoyed listening to them,
and NOT just because
i was engaged to 
the cute cello player in the
front row.

...oh! speaking of whiiiiiicchhh,
homeboy fiance might have
a bit of a following going on!
SO, after the first song,
the three bottleship guys
(nathan on pianah, donnie
on guiter and vocals,
benny on cello)
were still kinda fiddling
around with their sound,
their monitors, etc. and the
sound guy was like, "who
do we need to hear more of?"
and a girl in the front row 
suddenly said, "let's hear
more of the cute cello player!"

it was pretty eye-roll worthy,
and of course SOMEone thought it was hilarious...!

here are some pictures of the band
& of the velour decor, which
i've always loved for its quirky,
vintage kitsch that sets a great
atmosphere (and sorry some of the
pictures are so dark! flash photography
would have been kind of distracting):

 oh ho HO the 'cute cello player' himself:

my favorite song of theirs was probably 
"george bailey lassos the moon,"
which made many references to
this movie. but ALL of their
songs had this great slow, beautiful
quality to them. + they all wore
great outfits full of classic
menswear pieces such as
bow ties, cord jackets,
oxfords, etc, a look which
will ALWAYS get a thumbs-up
from yours truly.

needless to say, it was so fun
afterwards to just give ben
a big hug for sounding so great, 
and then of course take advantage
of the brick wall behind us for
a quick little photo shoot:

yay ben and bottleship!



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