Tuesday, March 22, 2011

but whenever monday comes

ah mondays!
another night of
family home evening. 

tonight we made 
rice krispy statues, 
which is a hilarious

we had rice krispy hearts,
rice krispy music notes,
rice krispy boats,
rice krispy...uhhh...
other things that i
can't remember,
rice krispy temples,
one of which (well, the
only one)
was made by
your 4th, 5th,
maybe even 7th
favorite blogger:

aaaaaand you can't even
really tell that it's a
temple in this picture.

which maybe is a
good thing, for,
according to a general
fhe-family consensus,
my temple looked 
not so much like this

 (which was the desired temple)

but a little more like this.
(maybe it's just the closet asian in me manifesting itself again).

ah well.
it's a good thing
i'm not an architect?
at least for our beloved
however, if you are
buddhist, and looking
to design a new temple,
give me a call!


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