Wednesday, March 23, 2011

in the middle of hw...

i decided to take a
5 minute break to
wander around the
i stumbled upon the blog
of a girl named sabrina,
who is taiwanese and
served with me in 
the same mission
and anyways
i was just scrolling
through her blog,
smiling to myself
about taiwan and how
much i loved my mission.
i stumbled upon
this picture:

 and suddenly my
heart just squeezed 
with huge love for
these people!
look at how cute
and wonderful
they are!
just look
at the face of each 
person. look at the
great peace signs
taiwanese people
make in EVERY picture!
i love it!
i only know one
person in this picture, 
but it is 
to love the taiwanese people!

looking at this picture
makes me miss taiwan
so much my heart hurts
and aches.

 what an amazing experience
my mission was.

and i love that 
the seeing of this
picture and my subsequent
blogging love-fest
for taiwan was so
unexpected...that little
heart squeeze came
as such a surprise!

it's times like these
when i remember
how much a part
of God's plan it all was
for me to serve there.

...and i guess
that's all i
wanted to say. 

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