Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ode to ipod.

for my amazing bible as literature class
we had to write a psalm this week.
my teacher made it clear that
we did not have to take these psalms
too seriously.

with that in mind, i decided
to write a psalm praising
my cute little ipod nano touch.

please don't take this too seriously,
just as i didn't take it too seriously:

Psalm of the iPod

Thank you, little iPod,
For my silence-less walks,
My musical car drives,
And my melodic marches to school.

And thank you, little iPod,
For your deep, bright red
That stands out so pleasantly
Against white headphones.

Thank you, little iPod,
For “he who hath ears,
Let him hear” is a teaching
Easy to obey because of you.

Oh, how I will endlessly
Sing your praise! A holiday
Gift from my fiancé, you’ve
Earned back all you cost.

With one touch your magic
And beauty are at my fingers.
You are so smooth,
And so small.

May you, little iPod, hear
this psalm of joy and
thanksgiving, that it will
strengthen and lengthen

your days upon this earth.
May your battery shine
As clear as the tiny red
Apple on your bum.

 (mine actually doesn't say "infot at
nano6g.com on the back. it says 
"all you need is love.")

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