Thursday, March 24, 2011

POSSIBLY my new favorite accessory.

so i usually don't
do fashion or style-esque
blog posts, but i can't help
but mention how
i've recently been
kinda obsessin' about this new
little accessory i bought.
the satisfyingly stiff
brown leather
that's so sleek, yet
so vintage at the same time,
the metal button 
that makes such a
nice click when you
close it that you
really know its closed,
the snug fit around your waist...
ah! love it all:

what is it?
a purse?
a belt?
a fanny pack? 
you might never know!

but just LOOK 
at all the wonderful
things it can hold!!!!

you can put in,
your cell phone:

or liiiiiiike
2 oreos:

TWO, i tell you!

you could put in
maybe your ipod:

or even a little
bitty bottle
of cumin!:

the options are endless!
i might start using it to
store stuff like
cooking spices every day!


have a good tuesday night!


  1. You can never have enough Cumin on your person.

  2. Shayla you are such a crack up- I loved these pictures! Can't wait to see you at your wedding!



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