Sunday, March 6, 2011


dear fiance:
thank you for taking me
to five guys, which you know i love
(and you love too, which makes
every five guys trip that much better).

oh my goodness just
LOOKING at this picture
taken only a couple hours ago
ALMOST makes me want to go 
back there RIGHT NOW for another
hammie even though i'm still
really full.

#2 dear fiance:
thanks for going with me
to target after five guys 
to start registering!
registering! like, for a wedding!
me! who would have thought!?...

you have to think about things like...
toasters! yay! i didn't realize at all that it's
really hard hard to register.
especially when you've registered
at two different places and have to 
coordinate at which place
you're going to get what,
or realizing that these things
you're registering for, well,
you never know but could you 
could have in your kitchen, etc.
for a really long time,
or suddenly saying to yourself
"ooohhh. we have to decide kinda
RIGHT NOW what we want
the colors of our future
(put home space here. anything
from kitchen to bathroom)
to be, and we haven't really thought
about all...yet."
and then things like, "do we really search
for every last piece of thing we want?
or do we register for some things and
then kind of...hope for gift cards...?"
so. the registering saga will continue.
we certainly didn't finish everything
one fun thing about registering:
these great red guns!
that you can point at bar codes
and shoot and they'll keep track of everything!
ev. ry. thing.

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