Sunday, March 13, 2011


this afternoon a few of us
went to legends grill(e) on campus
for the... 
...byu game.

...yyyyyyeah, don't really want to talk about it.

the good things that came out
of the afternoon were:
1. delisch bbq chicken 
pineapple pizza. yum.
2. a huge crowd at legends
who got really into the game.
loud cheering = a game
10 times better.
3. great big screen close-ups of 
jimmer all game long.
4. hilarious conversation and
play-by-play commentary 
coming from our neck
of the tables.

real bloggers take pictures of themselves
with their food, and one day,
~~i'm gonna be a real blogger!~~
*sigh and stare off into distance*

after the game hannah, matt
(friend in blue-and-white 
checkered shirt, you'll find
him hiding [well no, actually
posing quite openly] in one of
those pictures above)
and i headed over to...
(and yeah, i had to check...
it IS one word).
so it was THIS one-day-to
first time going to such an event, and
it was just DANDY.
i've never seen ballroom dancing live 
(although i have seen it in movies
like this:
but how could one have ever expected
those ballroom dancing men to be
soooo full-on saucy??
i mean, i ASK you!
spray tans, v-neck shirts
down to their belly buttons,
spray tanned chests under
those v-necks,
large hand motions, and
don't even get me STARted
on those facial expressions!
despite this (OR PERHAPS
night was great. 
g-r-e-a-t great.
ballroom dancer girls=
just...sparkly. literally.
ballroom dancer girls=
huge smiles.
ballroom dancer girls=
lots and lots of makeup. lots.........lots.
and then there was that
who stood on the judges table and danced:
and if you look really closely you'll see
that his lady-gaga-esque dancing
partner is making a funny face.

the point is,
going to a ballroom dance
competition is one of those times
when you realize there are
worlds and worlds of people,
with their lives, and things they do
like get really REALLY dressed up,
and get really REALLY into things
like ballroom dancing,
and it is NOT YOUR WORLD. 

on that note, 
happy saturday night!

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