Saturday, March 12, 2011

something about me... i save funny slash
great texts
in my phone for long periods of time.
i don't really delete them. the only 
time i delete them to clear up space
is if i write them down in a journal.

i've done this for a lot of the sweet
texts i get from ben. i figure his cute
texts to me are the equivalent of
love letters in the glory days, letters you
could save up and line all neatly in a
row to put in a shoebox and save
in the attic (or did that really only
happen in the garfield christmas special?)
well, at any rate, i just wanted to share
some hilarious texts i've received lately
from a number of different people:

"if you ain't a punk holla "we want prenup,
we want prenup yeahh!" what songs that fromm?"
-the little brother eli, 3/10/11

"today is justin bieber's birthday!!"
-the little sister hannah, 3/1/11

"that'ok:-)love you" (sic)
-the taiwanese friend kerry, 2/27/11

"let's sing in the car like the Frandsens!"
-the friend biz, quoting what a sister from
my fiance's home stake says when her
children start fighting in the car, 2/15/11

"am I uh-lookin at you here in the JKB???"
-the friend biz, 2/15/11

"a band name: jimmer and the fredettes! HA!"
-the little sister hannah, 2/11/11

"i was like, is ben Ben Schmen? and mom was like,
no, ben's an angel!"
-the little sister hannah, 2/8/11

"i love you! and i miss your
proliferation of punctuation :(:(:(!!"
-the fiance ben, 1/25/11

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