Thursday, March 3, 2011

thoughts on blue.

for my postmodern american lit class
{love love love}
we just finished reading
mister pip,
a wonderful one by lloyd jones.
it's about civil war amongst 
polynesian islands and the
horrifying toll it takes on the people
there. while most flee leaving
nobody but the natives remaining, one
white man stays on the island
with his native wife and takes over
as teacher at the little school.
every day he reads to them from
great expectations, renewing
the children's imaginations as they
get really into the novel and
especially its main character,
(the back cover reads),
"in a ravaged place where even
children are forced to live by their wits
and daily survival is the only objective,
imagination can be a dangerous thing."

i couldn't put it down!
i loved it. anyways,
when he's not reading great expectations
to them, the white teacher invites
women from the village to come in
and share their knowledge with the class. 
among the ladies who come is a grandma, 
and what she shares with the class
was just...really...great:

"i will tell you everything i know
about the color blue...
blue is the color of the pacific. it is the air
we breathe. blue is the gap in the air
of all things...but for blue we would not see
the fruit bats. thank you, god, for giving
us the color also has magical
powers. you watch a reef and tell me
if i am lying. blue crashes onto a reef and
what color does it release? it releases white!
now, how does it do that?...
a final thing, children, and then i will
let you go. blue belongs to the sky and 
cannot be nicked, which is why the
missionaries stuck blue in the windows
of the first churches they build here
on the island."

i love this!
we know this world around us,
at least,
we think we do, but ideas
like really looking at the color
blue help us make this world
seem new.

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