Monday, March 7, 2011

top 4 reasons fiance makes being sick okay.

reason #4: he sends me little texts throughout the day to see how i'm feeling.
reason #3: he brings me medicine in bed. as in, i'll be half asleep and he'll bring me
some ibuprofen or whatnot AND a cup of juice with a straw to
wash it all down with.
reason #2: when he asks me how i'm feeling, or when i'm caught in fits of coughing,
his eyes will get all round and blue and worried and he just looks so cute.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the #1 reason why fiance makes
being sick okay:
because with him still hanging around these parts with
homegirl here wearing NO makeup, in nothing but sweats,
CRAZY undone hair, needing lots of sleep, and yet having
deep purple bags under the eyes from no sleep,
a swollen, runny nose and a deep man voice,
you know it's love.

thanks fiance.

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