Wednesday, March 16, 2011

yfashion. ynot.


a few weeks ago i
was on by BYUtv
answering a few questions
about the new
byu fashion blog!
it's pretty funny,
and, like almost
everything i do,
it all worked out 
well...with just a hint
of dorkiness!
(to see how such a
combination is possible,
fast forward to about
and enjoy! :)

fast forward again  
to earlier this week,
where the above
report was seen by
the right people
and, long story short,
yours truly
was recruited to
be a photographer
for the byu
fashion blog!

so now this
faithful blogger
carries around
her camera
even more
than she did before,
fashionable people
around campus
in potentially
awkward situations
to take their pictures!

i'm pretty excited about it,
and so far it's turning out
to be really fun.


oh! and if you would
ever want to
peruse said byu
fashion blog &
see all the
fashion-ness with
your own eyes, visit
click on 
(the part of the
blog i take
pictures for)
at the top,
and look around!

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