Thursday, April 28, 2011

empire state of mind: post the second.

dear new york city,

as you can see, we STILL haven't forgotten about you. when we have even 5 minutes of down time,
well, we just take more pictures. :) 

ben STRAIGHT up & down. priceless. 

your 7th favorite blogger
& her fiance.

.......aaaaaaaaand then we just took more jumpings, because those MIGHT be one of the favorite types of poses of yours trulyi mean, who doesn't love a good jumping photo?? can i get an amen?!

after a failed jumping photo:


& to all a good night!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


look at this.

just LOOK at this horrible parking job!!

WHO would ever do something so embarrassing??
certainly not your 7th favorite blogger.

nooooooooo it wasn't me!
don't be silly....!

empire state of mind: post the first.

dear new york city,

even though we've recently been
swimming in the throes
of finals, packing, wedding planning,
cleaning, moving, full-time-working,
wedding planning, cleaning, packing,
& wedding planning,

.............we haven't forgotten about you.

we'll come to stay in a few months.

shayla & the fiance

Sunday, April 24, 2011

aaaaaaand if you know me you know why i'd post these pictures.

THIS girl is living the dream.
found here.

shall we?

Untitled (Let's Get Lost)

Friday, April 22, 2011

the sound........of silence?



do you hear that..........?

that complete, perfect silence?

that might, MAYBE, be the
sound of me being done
with the annual
crazy-busy shenanigans.

done with finals?
done with packing?
......okay, NOT YET.
but soon. 
done with cleaning check?
done planning my work schedule
for the spring & summer?

so i'm feeling somewhat okay.
of course, we're really
just in the deceivingly 
(a word? yes. computer
didn't wrong-word-red-underline it)
calm eye of the busy storm.
because after all this dust
dies down, well, it's going
to get picked right back up again
when fiance & i stampede
ourselves down to your
local temple to get
ourselves married.

so on that note,
in conclusion,
here are just a few
black & whites
that have been making
yours truly
quite happy:

fiance & i.

christian bale. e're day.

& these guys. of course.

have a good night!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

love + stress.

majorly feein' great about this guy lately:

goodness, weddings are the most
being-in-love time of your life!
they're the most

we'll see how it goes :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

a little letter.

dear bridal showers,
i guesssssssss
i'm ready to start
attending you.
& being
the one you're held for.
is it all really coming 
so soon that it's 
time for you & i
to cross paths?

dear forever 21,
will you stop having
 such small 
prices? my wallet
needs to eat sometimes!

dear provo weather,
i liked you today.
y'all come back now,
ya hear?

dear new york city,
fiance & i are still
really excited to
live with you.
just because we've
been swamped with
finals & wedding plans
doesn't mean we've 
forgotten about you.
don't you worry.

dear fiance,
you're a great pal.
you just keep swingin'
at those pitches, champ.
go get 'em, sport.

dear critical theory paper,
i'm not so much a fan of you!
could i maybe write you
in the form of a blog post...?
yes...? no?...okay,
i'm feelin' a MAYBE.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

mr. & mrs. arcade fire & co.

 monday night
(don't worry, it was after 
family home evening?)
fiance, friend jeff, your 6th favorite blogger
headed over to the other side of the tracks
(ie UVU's mckay events center)
for a show featuring THESE FRIENDS:

eeeeee! ahhhhh! sooooo good!

arcade fire was just. amazing.
not as familiar with them?
their music a word?
EPIC. just EPIC.
i feel like any song off any
one of their three cds would
work as the group-defining
single for any other band.
...does that make sense?

you've got their first album THIS:

(called "funeral")

which features goodies like this & this...but really, every song off this one is good.

& then you have their second cd THIS:

(called "neon bible")

featuring two LIFE-CHANGING SONGS!
if you were going to give a few seconds listen
to any of the songs i link to this post,
PLEASE choose these two.

first THIS ONE. you
feel like you see right into his soul & then
you feel like you become good, good friends with it.

and then THIS ONE. heart, heartbreakingly beautiful.
and yet beautiful is not the right word.

and then finally, their latest cd THIS:

(titled "the suburbs")

if things like this impress you,
then yes,
the suburbs DID win album of the year at
your local 2011 grammy awards. album of the year!!

& it done won album of the year
for a purpose: every song does
wonderful, wonderful things &
it's near impossible to choose a few.
but i suppose THIS or THIS or THIS.
or THIS. or just the whole cd.

& then there are some great facts about the band.
1. wikipedia says the lead singer (win butler) & his brother who
is also in the band had a "conservative mormon upbringing." what the.
1.5. & win butler is six foot four, yall.
2. there's a bunch of people in the band. 7 core,
add at least four more for the tours.
2.5. that all rhymed.
3. win butler (quiz question: who is he again???) is
married to regine chassagne. who is also in arcade fire.
& when two people are married & in a successful
band together...well gosh, it's great.

feel free to call them mr. & mrs. arcade fire.
i kinda do sometimes.

& finally, here are just some other
great pictures of the band.

what fun.
a great show.
fiance, friend & i were
we attended.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

tryin' NOT to get a little bit tipsy.

thanks, everyone,
for sticking with  me
after my slightly
celebrating-glee post.


last night little sister & i
had a little dessert party at our 
house apartment.
it was quite enjoyable, 
replete with
cake batter cookies,
red velvet cupcakes with
cream cheese frosting,
oreo milkshakes,
and my personal fave
(and self-named)
sherbet fizzies.

so good. so fun.
here are some pics
from the fete:

 asian smiles.
 MORE asian smiles.

 and what would a get-together
be without SOME sort
of this-type shenanigans:


trying to get his attention for the picture, aaaaand...

 *ding* there we go.

yay for friends
& ice cream
& baked goods!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

images from school.

so i've been working and working and working
on several different papers for several
classes (read: every single one).

i've been working on this
paper on faulkner & realized books
about him provide really 
aesthetic-looking piles:

and in the inside cover of one
of these books i found this 
surprising little gem:

steve young, theeeeeeee super-bowl
winning quarterback of the early 90s???
has he made it a habit of
regularly donate faulknerian
books to the harold b. lee library???

i suppose we might never know.

happy thursday!

Monday, April 4, 2011

straight WORLD travelers.

so last friday night
fiance and i headed
up to my mission president's
mansion (calling it a house
would just NOT do it justice)
up in farmington.
we had a great little
mission reunion, full
of words of wisdom from
president & sister hoer
(pronounced "her")
themselves, food, & of
course some great catching
up with long-time-no-see
soldiers from taiwan.

the reason for this blog post
is to showcase what an AMAZING
house ('scuse me, mansion)
the hoers have.
they have literally traveled
the world, and whenever
we would have zone conferences,
etc, they'd be full of things like
"when we vacationed in india
to catch a glimpse of a tiger"
or, "when we traveled to
this island off papua
new guinea and met
up with some cannibals"
or, "when we took a
5-day boat ride out to
komodo island..."
and we sweaty, exhausted,
dirty missionaries would just
sit there with our eyes & mouths
open wide as they related
another really awesome story
that related perfectly to some
gospel principle that completely
helped each & every one of us
do missionary work better.

well, their house is FULL of
trinkets, souvenirs, and things
that would ALL feel very comfortable
as an artifact in your local museum
YET they just happen to call
this beautiful mansion
atop a beautiful hill with a
beautiful view "home."
here are just a few of the
(literally) treasures:

like oh you know the emperor
of china's old bed.

or a gong.

 or boar's tooth necklaces.

masks intricately decored
with little shells.

 or an excavated buddha.

 museum of national art or 
the hoer basement kitchen counter.
this guy is at home in either location.

 look at how high his tail is flying!

or just some drums.

 oh you know just an intricate birdhouse.


we had an amazing time
touring their house.
oop...i mean...


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