Saturday, April 16, 2011

a little letter.

dear bridal showers,
i guesssssssss
i'm ready to start
attending you.
& being
the one you're held for.
is it all really coming 
so soon that it's 
time for you & i
to cross paths?

dear forever 21,
will you stop having
 such small 
prices? my wallet
needs to eat sometimes!

dear provo weather,
i liked you today.
y'all come back now,
ya hear?

dear new york city,
fiance & i are still
really excited to
live with you.
just because we've
been swamped with
finals & wedding plans
doesn't mean we've 
forgotten about you.
don't you worry.

dear fiance,
you're a great pal.
you just keep swingin'
at those pitches, champ.
go get 'em, sport.

dear critical theory paper,
i'm not so much a fan of you!
could i maybe write you
in the form of a blog post...?
yes...? no?...okay,
i'm feelin' a MAYBE.

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