Thursday, April 14, 2011

mr. & mrs. arcade fire & co.

 monday night
(don't worry, it was after 
family home evening?)
fiance, friend jeff, your 6th favorite blogger
headed over to the other side of the tracks
(ie UVU's mckay events center)
for a show featuring THESE FRIENDS:

eeeeee! ahhhhh! sooooo good!

arcade fire was just. amazing.
not as familiar with them?
their music a word?
EPIC. just EPIC.
i feel like any song off any
one of their three cds would
work as the group-defining
single for any other band.
...does that make sense?

you've got their first album THIS:

(called "funeral")

which features goodies like this & this...but really, every song off this one is good.

& then you have their second cd THIS:

(called "neon bible")

featuring two LIFE-CHANGING SONGS!
if you were going to give a few seconds listen
to any of the songs i link to this post,
PLEASE choose these two.

first THIS ONE. you
feel like you see right into his soul & then
you feel like you become good, good friends with it.

and then THIS ONE. heart, heartbreakingly beautiful.
and yet beautiful is not the right word.

and then finally, their latest cd THIS:

(titled "the suburbs")

if things like this impress you,
then yes,
the suburbs DID win album of the year at
your local 2011 grammy awards. album of the year!!

& it done won album of the year
for a purpose: every song does
wonderful, wonderful things &
it's near impossible to choose a few.
but i suppose THIS or THIS or THIS.
or THIS. or just the whole cd.

& then there are some great facts about the band.
1. wikipedia says the lead singer (win butler) & his brother who
is also in the band had a "conservative mormon upbringing." what the.
1.5. & win butler is six foot four, yall.
2. there's a bunch of people in the band. 7 core,
add at least four more for the tours.
2.5. that all rhymed.
3. win butler (quiz question: who is he again???) is
married to regine chassagne. who is also in arcade fire.
& when two people are married & in a successful
band together...well gosh, it's great.

feel free to call them mr. & mrs. arcade fire.
i kinda do sometimes.

& finally, here are just some other
great pictures of the band.

what fun.
a great show.
fiance, friend & i were
we attended.



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