Friday, April 22, 2011

the sound........of silence?



do you hear that..........?

that complete, perfect silence?

that might, MAYBE, be the
sound of me being done
with the annual
crazy-busy shenanigans.

done with finals?
done with packing?
......okay, NOT YET.
but soon. 
done with cleaning check?
done planning my work schedule
for the spring & summer?

so i'm feeling somewhat okay.
of course, we're really
just in the deceivingly 
(a word? yes. computer
didn't wrong-word-red-underline it)
calm eye of the busy storm.
because after all this dust
dies down, well, it's going
to get picked right back up again
when fiance & i stampede
ourselves down to your
local temple to get
ourselves married.

so on that note,
in conclusion,
here are just a few
black & whites
that have been making
yours truly
quite happy:

fiance & i.

christian bale. e're day.

& these guys. of course.

have a good night!

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