Monday, April 4, 2011

straight WORLD travelers.

so last friday night
fiance and i headed
up to my mission president's
mansion (calling it a house
would just NOT do it justice)
up in farmington.
we had a great little
mission reunion, full
of words of wisdom from
president & sister hoer
(pronounced "her")
themselves, food, & of
course some great catching
up with long-time-no-see
soldiers from taiwan.

the reason for this blog post
is to showcase what an AMAZING
house ('scuse me, mansion)
the hoers have.
they have literally traveled
the world, and whenever
we would have zone conferences,
etc, they'd be full of things like
"when we vacationed in india
to catch a glimpse of a tiger"
or, "when we traveled to
this island off papua
new guinea and met
up with some cannibals"
or, "when we took a
5-day boat ride out to
komodo island..."
and we sweaty, exhausted,
dirty missionaries would just
sit there with our eyes & mouths
open wide as they related
another really awesome story
that related perfectly to some
gospel principle that completely
helped each & every one of us
do missionary work better.

well, their house is FULL of
trinkets, souvenirs, and things
that would ALL feel very comfortable
as an artifact in your local museum
YET they just happen to call
this beautiful mansion
atop a beautiful hill with a
beautiful view "home."
here are just a few of the
(literally) treasures:

like oh you know the emperor
of china's old bed.

or a gong.

 or boar's tooth necklaces.

masks intricately decored
with little shells.

 or an excavated buddha.

 museum of national art or 
the hoer basement kitchen counter.
this guy is at home in either location.

 look at how high his tail is flying!

or just some drums.

 oh you know just an intricate birdhouse.


we had an amazing time
touring their house.
oop...i mean...


  1. what the heck! why didn't i think to creep their house and take pictures of it?!? next time.

  2. DO IT because these pictures are only about 60% of all the cool dongxi in their house!



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