Saturday, April 9, 2011

tryin' NOT to get a little bit tipsy.

thanks, everyone,
for sticking with  me
after my slightly
celebrating-glee post.


last night little sister & i
had a little dessert party at our 
house apartment.
it was quite enjoyable, 
replete with
cake batter cookies,
red velvet cupcakes with
cream cheese frosting,
oreo milkshakes,
and my personal fave
(and self-named)
sherbet fizzies.

so good. so fun.
here are some pics
from the fete:

 asian smiles.
 MORE asian smiles.

 and what would a get-together
be without SOME sort
of this-type shenanigans:


trying to get his attention for the picture, aaaaand...

 *ding* there we go.

yay for friends
& ice cream
& baked goods!

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