Sunday, May 29, 2011


i love reading or getting ready
for work & listening to
mr. classically trained cello man

& watching how intense he gets!

the getting ready part.

wedding hair! wedding makeup!
photos by jeff cornwall.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

an account of the evening's events.

i bought myself a ticket to
"jane eyre" this evening & entered
the theater anxiously
awaiting the movie's beginning.

my seat was ideal, nestled comfortably
in the very back row of the theater,
but as luck would have it i happened
upon a familiar face
a few rows in front of me.

what luck!
it was none other than
the man i happened to marry,
benjamin frandsen.

we caught up until the lights went down
& decided to stay next to each other
during the movie. and OH 
what a movie.

we engaged in laughter...

...we engaged in nail-biting...

...yes, we did indulge in a few tears....

...& when all had been said & done,
the plight of jane, mr. rochester & co.
left us completely drained,
emotionally speaking. was not difficult to observe that
benjamin seemed a little nervous,
but luckily he was never
left TOO emotionally drained
to keep us from going
from this:

to this:

all in all, to say that our fortuitous 
meeting at the movie theater, 
as well as the movie itself, 
were great successes would be 
a devastating understatement.

benjamin & i thanked
each other for a beneficial,
upstanding evening.

we left the theater heartily agreeing 
that "jane eyre" was an excellently
executed movie, a real gothic delight
& the truest adaptation ever
presented as a moving picture, & that 
we would zealously encourage 
any & all to attend in the future.

benjamin happened to have with
him a certain card, received as
a gift at his recent wedding, allotting one
a certain amount of money to use
at a local eatery. his cordial
invitation for me to accompany
him was graciously accepted.

we supped at red robin until
bellies were pleasantly stuffed.

an enjoyable night was had by all.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

the presence of presents.

upon returning to our little house
this afternoon after work & a
quick thrift store trip, i was met
by a pretty common sight
these days:

a big package with a wedding present inside:

doesn't that look great!?
its such an exciting sight to see!!
a great big present!!
so i naturally opened it right up.

aaaaaand found this gem:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

another sunny day.

actually, it wasn't really ANOTHER
sunny was the FIRST sunny day
we've seen here in provo for a while.

i used my day off to visit husband
--who has been working full-time
& finishing up yet another paper 
for school--& pull him out
into the sunshine for a few 
minutes to have a nice break
from work...

& jump & dance.
of course.

have a good day!


& hey, 
that glee season finale tonight...? 
yeah...? yeah??

Monday, May 23, 2011

home now.

in the past two weeks, our respective travels have been thus:

drive from provo to southern ca,
fly from ca to seattle,
fly from seattle to dallas,
fly from dallas to florida,
fly from florida to southern ca,
drive from ca to provo.

fly from salt lake to seattle,
fly from seattle to dallas,
fly from dallas to florida,
fly from florida to southern ca,
drive from southern ca to provo.

after all that has happened over the past two weeks
(traveling, becoming married, 
honeymooning, receptioning, 
open housing, traveling,
greeting, smiling, 
preparing, cleaning, 
swimming, kayaking,
biking, snorkeling,
traveling, & packing)
we arrived home in provo last night
around 9 pm. we've been
unpacking & cleaning & 
listening to bob dylan 
& starting up our lives again
after two weeks of magical thinking.

but not without a few additions
along the way.......
& i don't mean babies.

we're happy to be home!
have a wonderful monday.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

good reads.

something about me is books
kind of become my home.
i underline everything,
i write notes in the margins,
i leave old receipts & 
slips of paper within the pages,
i'll jot down a phone number
in the margins...
maybe it's the english major in me.

& something else about me is i
absolutely, absolutely love
when people read the books i
recommend to them.

we went to barnes & noble together
& decided to buy whichever book the other
person recommended to us, so
thanks kris, for reading
this when i recommended it to you:

it was good, huh?

& even though everybody, & i
mean absolutely everybody, 
has been reading this lately,
thanks little sister, for
reading this after i read it
& loved it:

& thanks, husband,
for reading this this week as we
tanned (& burned...) under
that smoking sun:

i myself was working my 2nd way
through this gem, written,
coincidentally, by the wife of
the book husband read this week:

thanks, books,
for letting me find
homes in you.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

the best & the most perfect. part 2.

husband (eek! not fiance anymore!)
& i are thinking we might never,
ever, ever come back from florida.
it's all just too perfect...

...snorkeling (REALLY hard to smile
while wearing those things)...

...being surrounded by bright 
blue, clear water AT ALL TIMES...

...eating delicious key lime pie...

...24/7 in beach clothes...

...STILL 100% surrounded by beautiful water...

...swimming in palm trees...

...& generally just enjoying the perfection
of it all. *sigh* we want to move here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

a sneak peek.

well you two,
the big day is coming up soon.

very, very soon.

as in,
we're in the single digits.

sometimes i'm so excited it's
hard to sit still.
& other times it feels like the
most natural, the most peaceful,
the most normal thing in the world.

my family has been saying things like,
"this is your last sunday as a single lady!"
"this is your last single saturday night!"
to which i usually respond with an impromptu
bursting out of this.

but it's true, isn't it?
my life is going to change in a very big way
very soon......

& i can't wait.

homegirl here will be marrying
her best friend, her sidekick,
her partner-in-crime for
forever & ever & ever.

so, with that being said,
here are just a few tiny, tiny
sneak peeks of what will
be going down this saturday:

.......oh yeah.
be excited.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

wa-wa-wedding plans.

i'm still here!!!

i would never want to keep
my three readers waiting &
wondering where their 6th
favorite blogger has been!

i've just been knee-deep in
finishing up every kind of
wedding planning preparation

okay. no really.
we're getting married
a week from today!!!

...we're KIND OF over the moon.
what a strange feeling
it is when you're sitting here
knowing that one week from
this very moment (8:10 pm)
you will be married.

...fiance & i simply
the thought of being married
to each other makes us
terribly happy.

have a good saturday night!

Monday, May 2, 2011

i lyke...


...this painting.
by vivienne strauss.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

never say never to never seeing "never say never."

last night we fulfilled
a long, LONG dream of ours. 
we finally saw it.
we finally saw "never say never."

the night started off
with some requisite
buying of treats
at your local smiths grocery store.

afterwards, we headed on
to the show! $2 each.
an understandable price
to pay to watch the

we waited with great
anticipation for the movie
to start.

with our tickets.

aaaaaaaaand almost forgot
to mention that a certain
fiance was, indeed,
reluctantly (or should i
say GLADLY??) in tow:

the movie was a treat.
we laughed.
we cried.
we rejoiced.
we amazed.
that justin bieber is a delight,
& we were pleasantly
surprised & impressed at
what a nice movie it was.
we left the theater in 
tears. tears of joy & love
for our little jb friend.

this is how every. single. person.
in the audience looked at justin's
madison square garden concert.
crying & holding up little hand hearts.

there were definitely a few
less lonely girls that night.

thanks, justin.


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