Friday, May 20, 2011

good reads.

something about me is books
kind of become my home.
i underline everything,
i write notes in the margins,
i leave old receipts & 
slips of paper within the pages,
i'll jot down a phone number
in the margins...
maybe it's the english major in me.

& something else about me is i
absolutely, absolutely love
when people read the books i
recommend to them.

we went to barnes & noble together
& decided to buy whichever book the other
person recommended to us, so
thanks kris, for reading
this when i recommended it to you:

it was good, huh?

& even though everybody, & i
mean absolutely everybody, 
has been reading this lately,
thanks little sister, for
reading this after i read it
& loved it:

& thanks, husband,
for reading this this week as we
tanned (& burned...) under
that smoking sun:

i myself was working my 2nd way
through this gem, written,
coincidentally, by the wife of
the book husband read this week:

thanks, books,
for letting me find
homes in you.

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