Saturday, May 28, 2011

an account of the evening's events.

i bought myself a ticket to
"jane eyre" this evening & entered
the theater anxiously
awaiting the movie's beginning.

my seat was ideal, nestled comfortably
in the very back row of the theater,
but as luck would have it i happened
upon a familiar face
a few rows in front of me.

what luck!
it was none other than
the man i happened to marry,
benjamin frandsen.

we caught up until the lights went down
& decided to stay next to each other
during the movie. and OH 
what a movie.

we engaged in laughter...

...we engaged in nail-biting...

...yes, we did indulge in a few tears....

...& when all had been said & done,
the plight of jane, mr. rochester & co.
left us completely drained,
emotionally speaking. was not difficult to observe that
benjamin seemed a little nervous,
but luckily he was never
left TOO emotionally drained
to keep us from going
from this:

to this:

all in all, to say that our fortuitous 
meeting at the movie theater, 
as well as the movie itself, 
were great successes would be 
a devastating understatement.

benjamin & i thanked
each other for a beneficial,
upstanding evening.

we left the theater heartily agreeing 
that "jane eyre" was an excellently
executed movie, a real gothic delight
& the truest adaptation ever
presented as a moving picture, & that 
we would zealously encourage 
any & all to attend in the future.

benjamin happened to have with
him a certain card, received as
a gift at his recent wedding, allotting one
a certain amount of money to use
at a local eatery. his cordial
invitation for me to accompany
him was graciously accepted.

we supped at red robin until
bellies were pleasantly stuffed.

an enjoyable night was had by all.


  1. i will just throw it out there that i thoroughly enjoyed this post. hahha really. so funny. the handshake at the end! thank you for amusing me at 1:48 am. also, i went and saw that show and felt so awkward, maybe i should have read the book first?

  2. that's too bad you felt awkward! i didn't (feel that way), but then again i had read the book before so i kind of knew, you know? knew what all was going to happen.

  3. hilar! love this!
    I wanted to go to Jane Eyre BUT mr would not comply.

  4. ben was kind of thinking too that'd it'd be like a light chic flick like pride & prejudice! but it's actually kind of dark & intense & not just for girls!...tell mr! haha

  5. Jane would most heartily approve of the proper way in which you conducted the evening's festivities :).



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