Sunday, May 1, 2011

never say never to never seeing "never say never."

last night we fulfilled
a long, LONG dream of ours. 
we finally saw it.
we finally saw "never say never."

the night started off
with some requisite
buying of treats
at your local smiths grocery store.

afterwards, we headed on
to the show! $2 each.
an understandable price
to pay to watch the

we waited with great
anticipation for the movie
to start.

with our tickets.

aaaaaaaaand almost forgot
to mention that a certain
fiance was, indeed,
reluctantly (or should i
say GLADLY??) in tow:

the movie was a treat.
we laughed.
we cried.
we rejoiced.
we amazed.
that justin bieber is a delight,
& we were pleasantly
surprised & impressed at
what a nice movie it was.
we left the theater in 
tears. tears of joy & love
for our little jb friend.

this is how every. single. person.
in the audience looked at justin's
madison square garden concert.
crying & holding up little hand hearts.

there were definitely a few
less lonely girls that night.

thanks, justin.

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