Tuesday, June 28, 2011

re-thinking about honeymoon.

husband & i were just talking today about some funny honeymoon memories so i thought i'd pull out the old [digital] box of photos & post some heretofore-unseens:

out snorkeling.

our front yard.

kayaking!  soooo excited to get going pre-kayaking:

& post-kayaking 30 minutes later. sooooo exhausted husband had to pull me in. i wish you could see my face better in this one. this picture is hilarious to me:

 key west church.

 cute cute vintage key west houses.

 funny honeymoon story:
we went kayaking pretty far out one day & husband decided to get out & swim for a bit. well, the wind was blowing pretty hard & the kayak & i started to drift away pretty fast. i was trying to paddle real hard to get back to where husband was. he thought i was playing the whole time & just paddling away from him, but i was actually getting really nervous & frustrated at the wind & how i couldn't control the kayak. he kept calling to me, "come back!" & i would say "i'm trying to come back!" a few minutes later i'd be even farther away & he'd call again (still pleasantly) "come back please!" & i'd say again "i'm trying to!" finally one time he called for me to come back (still thinking i was playing) & i was just so stressed from the wind & my arms were killing me from trying to paddle so hard i just lost it & screamed

let's just say it was a tense moment.
husband finally had to swim
over & grab me & the kayak.

...the end.

books books books.

one of the many reasons i love summer
 is that one has so much extra time
to read any book of his or her choosing!

as such, i've been loving gobbling
up some wonderful reads &
re-reads these past few weeks
& months.

these were some of my favorites:

there was this...

by her:

if you liked...
-the movie dan in real life
-extremely loud & incredibly close
by jonathan safran foer (aka
author above's husband!)
-to kill a mockingbird by
harper lee
...then you'll love
the history of love.

there was also this...

by him:

if you liked...
-the movie stranger than fiction
-turn of the screw by henry james
-the movie the others
-hamlet by william shakespeare
-the movie donnie darko
...then you'll love
crime & punishment.

we can't forget this...

by him:

if you liked...
-the movie or book room with a view
-the book or 2011 movie jane eyre
-the movie the king's speech, probably
...then you'll love
where angels fear
to tread.

perhaps try this...

by her:

if you liked...
-catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger
-virginia woolf's classic to the lighthouse
-the movie mona lisa smile
-"vogue" magazine
-the movie the devil wears prada
...then you'll love
the bell jar.

& finally we could take a look at this...

by him:

if you liked...
-genesis (yes, the one from the bible!)
-the movie legends of the fall
-toni morrison's song of solomon or
-steinbeck's east of eden
...then you'll love
100 years of solitude.

happy reading!

Monday, June 27, 2011

getting our frandsen on.

husband & i headed down to
central utah this weekend to
catch up with some family at the
frandsen family reunion.
we had such a great time.
amazing (& so much we won't
be eating for days!) food
[crepes {the breakfast & dessert kind},
 bbq, fruit, salads, sausage &
scrambled eggs, roast beef
sandwiches, root-beer floats, 
corn on the cob, ice cream cake,
etc. etc. etc!],
fun family
(grandparents! aunts!
uncles! cousins! kids
of cousins!),
& a nice relaxing 
little weekend getaway.

but of course let's also
not forget the stage of
central utah itself,
where husband's grandparents
have lived for over 60 years
(nearly 2/3 of a century!!)
& raised 6 children.
they live smack in the
middle of miles & miles
of stretching farmland
that you feel calm just 
looking at:

can't you just feel the wind blowing
& hear the quiet as you look
through these pictures?
we had such a fun time 
walking (& jumping!!)
 through all the farmland:

grandparent's house
is like any grandparent's
house you can imagine.
a hug every time:

(grandpa has been a farmer
his whole life)

(grandpa's flower garden)

( i love the yellow of this
front porch chair)

(& i love this wallpaper that's
been on the wall, husband says,
"longer than he can remember")

(& who can forget grandpa's
buck trophy in the downstairs
tv room that's been terrifying
frandsen children for

before we made the drive
home this afternoon we
indulged in one final huge
& amazing cafe-rio-style
dinner extravaganza!:

(i just loved second cousin
bekah chewing on 
a burrito shell)

(& try as i might i just
COULDN'T get this 
picture of the finished
product to rotate the
right way. but. a
burrito is a burrito,

we had a great time this
weekend getting our
frandsen on!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

bye, sickle.

we had a great time bye sickle-ing
around to all the little things
we wanted to do this evening:

let's just say, for example,
we might have

grabbed a huge cup of horchata
(never had it? think milk +
rice taste + cinnamon.
yum.) & some
big & cheap burritos 
over at rancherito's.

(this picture really just doesn't
do justice to how big
that cup of horchata was). 

& then,
hypothetically speaking,
we might have then

headed over to 
blockbuster to
rent this puppy
in order to
spiritually &
for the final
series installment
(we've been

a big peace sign
WAY up from us
for warm
evenings suitable
for bye sickle-ing.

summer of love.

husband & i headed up to a nice little
reception last night (i think that makes 
it the sixth one we've attended
this summer?? summer of love!).
it was fun to see the bride & groom as 
well as several other good friends of ours.

the bride:

& the bride dancing down
the human tunnel we made
game style) which i love:

the flowers & location:

the bouquet toss:

the friends (all squished 
in the elevator ride down):

all under the glow of
this wonderful place
in the background:

husband & i love going to
receptions these days!
while ours was absolutely 
magical, it sure is nice that when
we go receptions that aren't our
own we can sit down, relax,
& actually eat the food there
if we want to. 


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