Sunday, June 12, 2011


husband & i happily spent this lazy, hot summer afternoon at a barbecue/BBQ/barbeque/bar-b-que for our good friend nathan. some barbecue/BBQ/barbeque/bar-b-que pictures:

husband & birthday boy:

the men & the hunks of meat: it's your job to try & tell the difference between the two :)

the weather was so pleasant husband & i rode our little mountain bikes to & from the park.

yes, that IS your 7th favorite blogger riding a bike with a dress on. fear not, all clothing items stayed fairly
secure, but it did get a little windy & blustery sometimes, if you know what i mean. & now i'm just sitting here wondering why we didn't snatch a picture of that!

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  1. (this is Rachel) I finally realized why there's a difference between girl bikes and boy bikes (besides the color) when I rode a bike with a skirt. Beware the wind and the chains.



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