Sunday, June 19, 2011

battle of the bands: THE RESULT.

well, as previously mentioned here
husband's band partook in the
final round of the local

pictures from their performance:



gotta love the "smoke effect"
unleashed during their set.

i can't believe i haven't posted any of these
yet, but one, if he/she so desires, can
these recordings were made while we were 
on our h-moon, so unfortunately the songs
are cello-less, but enjoyable nonetheless.

the competition was SO STIFF.
5 bands played, dipping into genres
ranging from indie folk to o-brother-
where-art-thou-country soul to
ethereal ambient electronica to 
lyric-less, electro-classical jamming.
husband & i agreed we would totally
buy a cd any of the other 4 bands put 
out in a hot second.

husband's sister rosalynde was in town
to present at a mormon scholarship
conference (& rumor has it she
did wonderfully) & was able to come
see bottleship's set!
so great to see her!

& of course no family resemblance at all. :)

at the end of the day, husband's band
bottleship did not rise victorious. bummer.
BUT it was suuuuuuch a fun show
&, like i said, there was some great,
great music happening on that stage
& bands whose futures we're
really excited about.

for some official pictures & things of last night's

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  1. Cool! Band sounds kind of like Dave Matthews with some Cold Play and Bono



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