Tuesday, June 7, 2011

beautiful books!

oh man. 

today my unwavering love
for books reached new, unparalleled
heights of joy.

***here is the story***

i never leave the byu bookstore without
taking a stroll through the fiction section.
just to look.

so today, husband & i were finishing  
up some duties in said bookstore,
but before heading home we made 
our traditional stop through the
fiction section.
just to look.

came across a shelf full of
some of the cutest, greatest,
best books i have ever seen:

little women & pink scissors!

gulliver's travels & little sailing flags!

aren't they just to die for?

i love the pink color of this one.

this one is just. so. great.
thanks dante, so much, for writing
 a work that legitimately could have
devils & victims all falling down
to hell together on its cover!

mayyyyybe one of my favorites.

they're all cloth-bound & hardcover.

i love these all so much!
is that nerdy?

a tale of two cities! & knitting needles!

aren't they just dreamy?
so hard to pick a favorite!

much thanks to husband who was
patient enough to hold each book
while i snapped a picture.
oh, &
for being my partner-in-crime &
kind of hiding from any bookstore
workers so they wouldn't see us
taking pictures of their stuff.
(we're 97% sure this was all legal! :)

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