Tuesday, June 28, 2011

books books books.

one of the many reasons i love summer
 is that one has so much extra time
to read any book of his or her choosing!

as such, i've been loving gobbling
up some wonderful reads &
re-reads these past few weeks
& months.

these were some of my favorites:

there was this...

by her:

if you liked...
-the movie dan in real life
-extremely loud & incredibly close
by jonathan safran foer (aka
author above's husband!)
-to kill a mockingbird by
harper lee
...then you'll love
the history of love.

there was also this...

by him:

if you liked...
-the movie stranger than fiction
-turn of the screw by henry james
-the movie the others
-hamlet by william shakespeare
-the movie donnie darko
...then you'll love
crime & punishment.

we can't forget this...

by him:

if you liked...
-the movie or book room with a view
-the book or 2011 movie jane eyre
-the movie the king's speech, probably
...then you'll love
where angels fear
to tread.

perhaps try this...

by her:

if you liked...
-catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger
-virginia woolf's classic to the lighthouse
-the movie mona lisa smile
-"vogue" magazine
-the movie the devil wears prada
...then you'll love
the bell jar.

& finally we could take a look at this...

by him:

if you liked...
-genesis (yes, the one from the bible!)
-the movie legends of the fall
-toni morrison's song of solomon or
-steinbeck's east of eden
...then you'll love
100 years of solitude.

happy reading!

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