Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a busy tuesday. a good tuesday: post the second.

yesterday after husband's thesis defense, little sis & i
had our own celebration by heading to the pool for 
some sun, some reading, some swim, some rest:

it's been SO hot recently that a 
little dip felt great.

 the last big event of our busy tuesday was the
takes place over five nights, featuring
 4 bands each night.
a panel of judges evaluates each group
based on categories such as
musicality, songwriting ability, vocal quality, 
& audience popularity & response. 
one winning band is picked each night.

last night husband's band bottleship
was one of the four competing bands.
(i last posted about them here).
they did great.


they won!!! we were all so excited
to find out they'll be continuing
on to saturday night's competish.

some shots of the venue they
played at with its great decor:

a little clint-y above the entrance.

& some saucy donny:

& you would have guessed right
if you thought that hanging out in the 
musician's lounge in the back
yielded some pretty great photos:

like how i matched with all the decor that a good thing or a bad thing?
the jury is still out on that one.

or like the one good photo we took
 amongst the failed yet beloved
jumping photos:

but most of all, the overall celebrations
of the imminent rise of bottleship!

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