Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a busy tuesday. a good tuesday.

yesterday was SO BUSY.
a busy tuesday. but a good tuesday.
so busy i might have to break up
yesterday's events into a 
few different posts.

first of all, it just happened to be
the one month wedding anniversary!

i can't believe it's been a month already.
the time has gone by so fast.
i feel pretty safe in saying that
it's been the best month of my life.

at any rate, i woke up to these goodies:

sea salt soiree?
husband knows what i love.

...or he just, you know,

husband was already
up & gone when i 
awoke because he was in
the final preparations stage of his
physics thesis defense!

husband has been working for
months, years, on this huge
pinnacle of his undergrad experience.
he gave a 35-ish minute powerpoint
presentation to 3 intense physics
professors basically demonstrating
all the work, time, & research that
he's been doing for, like i said,
kind of a while.
it was so fun to watch him present.

aaaaaaaaand he passed!

husband before:

husband after!:

we headed over to taco bell
(naturally) for some one-month 
anniversary & passage of thesis 
defense celebratory lunch

& ice cream, which we were eating
when we took this picture but 
didn't actually make it in the picture:

hey. snaps for you, big guy.
you done good, champ.

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