Friday, June 10, 2011

eye love sea salt.

current obsession of mine,
to which husband can
attest =
sea salt + chocolate.

this combination of salty & sweet
 will be the best thing you
ever try.
 i/eye personally love it!
let me show you how much
i love this combination in these
weird, much-closer-up-than-i-thought,
confusing, & pretty awkward photos:

eye. love. sea salt......get it?


sea salt & chocolate!
a dream come true!
who would have thought??

...not super convinced yet?
listen to these testimonials from
a few cooking blogs i found
(once i started looking around online, 
i realized i wasn't the only one who 
has discovered that this blend of 
goodness might be the
best combination since pb & j):

"I’ve solidly decided to cover every dessert I make from now on with a light dusting of sea salt. 
Something about that little bit of saltiness is so incredibly delicious in a dessert, and 
pair it with a super-rich, melted chocolate layer, and you’ve just created something that 
borders on perfection."


"Salty sweets are all the rage these days in gourmet desserts. It may sound odd, but salt
complements the flavor of chocolate."

still not sure?
1. head down to your local
2. proceed to the candy aisle.
3. search until you have found
ghirardelli's extreme dark
sea salt soiree. i myself
doubted i'd find this seemingly rare,
exotic, & gourmet kind of
chocolate in my regular old grocery store
as soon as i looked, there i found
these delightful bars waiting for
me. i'm sure they had been waiting
for years, just like they've been
waiting for you.
4. eat said candy bar.

much thanks to husband's
sis rachel for putting
this ghirardelli treat into
our little wedding getaway
snack basket!
you introduced us.
& much thanks to husband
for letting me eat the entire
sea salt chocolate bar by myself 
over the course of our honeymoon.

oh p.s.
i plan on trying my hand
at not only buying bars of
this stuff for years to come,
but also--dare i say it--
making some of my own??:
1. sea salt brownie recipe here.
2. feel a desire to up the brownie ante? extra-dark
chocolate sea salt & lime brownie recipe here.
3. i-might-try-this-one-first-chocolate-popcorn-with-sea-salt-recipe here.
5. & you got various other sea salt sweets recipes here.

happy baking!
or...more importantly...
happy eating!

1 comment:

  1. (this is Rachel) I'm so glad you liked the sea salt and chocolate! I knew you would. I almost bought a bar for myself, but I resisted. Clearly I need to add something to my shopping list. Next time we're together I'll teach you how to make dark chocolate mousse.



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