Saturday, June 11, 2011

friday night...lights?

tonight husband & i headed up to
 the reception of husband's former 
mission companion dennis
--a native german! who
would have thought?--
& his cute new wife karen.
we're so happy for them!

it was fun to meet dennis' mom
& sisters who flew all the way from
germany to be here, &
it was also fun listening to husband
speak german with them like he
owned the joint!

BUT before we even get started on
any reception news, let's
talk about this little friend that
was waiting quietly (almost
too quietly...) in the car parked
behind us:

how precious is he??
it was love at first sight.
at least on my end.
but probably not on his end,
from the looks of this picture.
or on husband's, i'm sad to say.

at any rate, the backyard reception
was delightful.

he proposed to her on the
eiffel tower at midnight
on new years eve...
first of all, how that's-something-
real-life is THAT?? & they
had cute eiffel towers all
over the backyard.

the husband & the groom:
ehemalige mitarbeiter
und freunde.

the weather was really great
for an outdoor reception.

(note that car with dog
was gone by the time we left,
sad face)

and the 35 minute drive home
gave us lots of time to
talk & be silly.

long story short,
& dancing 
will get big
thumbs-up from us two
EVERY time.

have a good night!

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