Wednesday, June 22, 2011

x-men? x-YES, x-friends.

husband & i went & saw this last night:

it was good!
i would actually recommend it!
we got kind of a bit nerdy afterwards
in our discussion of it all
--both of us trying to dig deep into our
quite shallow trunks of x-men knowledge--
to comment on things like how compelling
the relationship between eric (magneto
aka michael fassbender aka THIS

okay i should stop, husband
says i've put up enough pictures
of him:)
but come on!!
talk about byronic hero, right??)
& charles (professor x) is, what the
sam hill is up with mystique,
& where has beast been all
this time? our conversations became
so deep that on the way home
from the theater we stopped off at
blockbuster & rented the first x-men
to try and see if we couldn't wriggle
some sense out of it all.

at any rate, it was a fun night at the movies,
a night that become even more fun 
when we were able
to come home & sit down in front 
of some wikipedia to look up things
like "brotherhood of mutants,"
if we've ever seen that butterfly 
girl in any other movies, & how long
has it been since kevin bacon was
in a summer blockbuster.

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