Monday, June 6, 2011

in our lovely dessert.

last night husband & i hosted a delightful little dessert party that also part-timed as a way for us to introduce our new little house to some of our friends!

among the attendees were:

a gaggle of sees candy chocolate lollipops,

amazing {albeit leftover} cupcakes from cousin's recent wedding (it's okay cupcakes, you were still  pretty & made for good conversation),

campfire-less smores (thanks hb!),

scotcheroos (i ask you, what's a whipple get-together without these perennial favorites? i ask you!)

everybody loves a little scotch.

howie's root beer, so completely one-of-a-kind that husband & i are already wincing at the thought of a howie's-less new york,

red velvet cookies with white chocolate chips (another hb-er!),

double fudge cookies, &

hearty banana oat muffins
(thanks jeff!).

all in all,
these attendees, the human attendees, & the  party itself went off without a hitch. the evening might even be called--dare i say it-- a success?? & now i'm sitting here with my only regret being i wish we hadn't given away so many of these treats to our guests to take home. a little scotcheroo or red velvet cookie sounds really great right about...NOW.

1 comment:

  1. i need some scotch! hmmm that all looked so delish! I need to bake something right NOW!



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