Monday, June 13, 2011

just dance!

ladies & gents, it's monday night!
which only can mean one thing:
what was the first item on tonight's 
agenda, you might ask?
a good question.
our ward is publishing our own
missionary book! the prompt was:

 if you were given five minutes
on a worldwide news show to explain
why you are a member of the
LDS church, what would you say?

another good question, right??
they wanted us to type out our 
experiences & email them in. 
so tonight husband & i did just that.

........what did we do after that, you might ask???
yet a third very good question.

we stopped on over at your local youtube
to pull up some videos of none
other than 
wii just dance 2 songs.

let me preface this all by saying 
if you haven't any experienced any
wii just dance 2 yet, well,
a) you're in for a treat with this post.
b) click on the links i'll provide & 
WATCH some of them, if not out
& out DANCE to them, & you'll
find out how hilarious & great they
are quicker than you can say
"bob's your uncle!"

let me provide a second preface,
namely, if you've met or know
to any degree husband you'll know
what a hilarious, delightful,
charming, & triumphant treat
it was that he got up & "just
dance"-d his caboose off.

dancing to a hilarious, hilarious

not only is the song itself hilarious,
but the dance moves are great...
and HARD! a true workout.

pictures from another great,

the skating around 1:00?

man oh man. it was such a good time.
i would heartily recommend some wii
just dance 2-ing to anyone.
or wii just dance 1-ing!
i mean, talk about family 
togetherness & bonding, right??

.......uh, husband?

1 comment:

  1. Haha the Rasputin one is my favorite too. Looks fun!



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