Monday, June 13, 2011

our sundee.

you know those really amazing
salads you'll eat at some chic event
like a wedding reception or something?
the ones that have include some
fairly exotic fruit,s great
accessories like fancy cheeses
or candied walnuts & expensive-
tasting salad dressing?

well, earlier this week i thought
that i'd try & make THAT
kind of salad for sunday dinner.

& while pictures of food hardly
do any justice to the food itself
with all it's great nuances of 
taste or color, & while at least
the following picture hardly
even looks like food, well,
here goes with one of the more
successful dinners husband
& i have had in recent years:

& the husb & i both realized 
that whenever we eat these salads
at chic events we always wish 
we could have more of it, so
we just went ahead & made it our
main dish.

first of all, it is a truth that
feta cheese makes any salad beautiful.
we added some spinach leaves,
fresh cut-up strawberries,
tiny cute mandarin oranges,
slightly browned chicken &
crushed chow-mein noodles,
all topped off with lite
raspberry vinaigrette dressing...

...wait, what?

am i sharing a food recipe???
do i spend time during my days
thinking about what
i will cook for dinner??
am i turning into a...

it's too soon to tell, folks.
but the jury is STILL. OUT.

suffice it to say marriage changed,
is currently changing, & will
continue to change the way i
think about things. things like
cooking meals with husband
are...well...quite fun!!

in other household news,
husband & i have been spending
this sunday night writing
thank-you notes to all
our loved ones for all the
amazing & thoughtful wedding
gifts we've received. 
we've been covering
one side of the note with a
and not just any stamp, mind you.

look familiar?

we had a stamp made of us!

it's been fun to use on all
of our thank-you notes.
husband doesn't really think
the stamp of him looks like him,
BUT i think it all looks wonderful.

an exceptionally worthwhile
sabbath day was had by all.


  1. What a cool idea! I'm always looking for practical ways to personalize things, and a stamp seems like a great way to do that.

  2. by the way, Jonathan is really Rachel



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