Tuesday, June 28, 2011

re-thinking about honeymoon.

husband & i were just talking today about some funny honeymoon memories so i thought i'd pull out the old [digital] box of photos & post some heretofore-unseens:

out snorkeling.

our front yard.

kayaking!  soooo excited to get going pre-kayaking:

& post-kayaking 30 minutes later. sooooo exhausted husband had to pull me in. i wish you could see my face better in this one. this picture is hilarious to me:

 key west church.

 cute cute vintage key west houses.

 funny honeymoon story:
we went kayaking pretty far out one day & husband decided to get out & swim for a bit. well, the wind was blowing pretty hard & the kayak & i started to drift away pretty fast. i was trying to paddle real hard to get back to where husband was. he thought i was playing the whole time & just paddling away from him, but i was actually getting really nervous & frustrated at the wind & how i couldn't control the kayak. he kept calling to me, "come back!" & i would say "i'm trying to come back!" a few minutes later i'd be even farther away & he'd call again (still pleasantly) "come back please!" & i'd say again "i'm trying to!" finally one time he called for me to come back (still thinking i was playing) & i was just so stressed from the wind & my arms were killing me from trying to paddle so hard i just lost it & screamed

let's just say it was a tense moment.
husband finally had to swim
over & grab me & the kayak.

...the end.


  1. i would have never guessed in those jody dresses that sister whipple had such a hot body! if i ever have a honeymoon i will be wearing an oversized t-shirt and board shorts. no one wants to see this 12 year old body!

  2. sorry i said the word body twice.



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