Saturday, June 25, 2011

summer of love.

husband & i headed up to a nice little
reception last night (i think that makes 
it the sixth one we've attended
this summer?? summer of love!).
it was fun to see the bride & groom as 
well as several other good friends of ours.

the bride:

& the bride dancing down
the human tunnel we made
game style) which i love:

the flowers & location:

the bouquet toss:

the friends (all squished 
in the elevator ride down):

all under the glow of
this wonderful place
in the background:

husband & i love going to
receptions these days!
while ours was absolutely 
magical, it sure is nice that when
we go receptions that aren't our
own we can sit down, relax,
& actually eat the food there
if we want to. 

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